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The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team were facing the Roseville raiders on Friday, May 7th. The boys won that game making their record 12 wins and two losses.

Gunner Arens nominated Athlete of the Week

Tyler Kordosky, Broadcast Editor June 3, 2021

Tyler Kordosky 05/25/21 Newspaper, Steil Gunner Arens nominated Athlete of the Week Last Thursday at Mounds View High School, senior Gunner Arens was named athlete of the week. Throughout almost...

Junior Eliza Weston helps make posters for Sophia Pietan and Amelia Bretl's campaign for student council Presidents of the upcoming school year. Pietan and Bretl also used buttons, social media and other platforms to spread the news about voting for them.

Student Council Presidents Amelia Bretl and Sophia Pietan have big plans upcoming school year

Lindsey Crain, Copy Editor May 22, 2021

Juniors Sophia Pietan and Amelia Bretl have been elected the new Student Council presidents. Their campaign was based around change and what students can do to make this a safe and healthy learning environment...

Derrick Schmidt, ETS Performance coach, Ethan Mosley, Bo Dustin, Brendan Bernier and Ethan Bernier, run a safe and productive workout.

Personal training positively and negatively affected by COVID-19

Emily Hornbuckle , Business Editor November 8, 2020

Workouts, personal training and athletics are being affected by COVID-19. People who would normally go multiple times a week are barely going now. The Pony Activity Center (PAC) is having its lowest numbers...

Taco Johns has had to move to drive through only due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to lay off workers leaving them jobless because they do not have enough jobs with nobody able to come inside due to new rules set in place by the government.

Teens saving for college suffer due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Sam Elletson, Podcast Reporter May 11, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many teens who were actively saving for college are now unemployed. The pandemic changed their financial plan greatly. Minnesota offers an unemployment benefit except it is...

Young Life posted a promotional for their zoom meetings. Young Life uses Instagram stories to connect with students.

Youth group aims to aid struggling students through faith

William Raymond, Podcast Reporter May 3, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the lives of religious followers. The nonprofit, Christian organization Young Life aims to assist their members. The program is working with their youth groups to give support...

The Camp Odayin office remains quiet due to the stay at home order issued by Governor, Tim Walz. Staff will be working from home until further notice.

Global pandemic takes toll on nonprofit organizations

Paige Sanders , Photography Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2020

With unemployment rates through the roof, thousands hospitalized and businesses temporarily shut down, everyone, everywhere is being affected by COVID-19. Nonprofit organizations are highly affected from...

When going to grocery stores, the CDC has advised staying six feet apart from others. Many stores have implemented systems to intentionally separate groups of people when shopping.

Social distancing necessary for progress

Julia Bennett, Social Media Editor-in-Chief May 1, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way many people live their day-to-day lives. While it may be difficult, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to social distance as much as possible. Unnecessary...

Nurses prepare for a surgery amid the COVID-19 crisis. Surgeons and many other members of the healthcare industry have been furloughed due to many hospitals cutting certain services.

Nurses forced on frontlines amid pandemic

Drew Jurek, Layout Editor April 30, 2020

Many Americans have been fortunate to find themselves at home over the previous weeks, but healthcare professionals have been unable to find such security. Their profession has forced them to make many...

Families bond during these uncertain times. Many are doing projects together or learning more about one another.

Families making the most throughout this rough time

Maria Supan, Business Editor April 26, 2020

COVID-19 has affected many households throughout the district. Families have had to stay in their homes without contact with anyone but each other. Although these times are uncertain, families are becoming...

Sabrina McCombs is on strict quarantine watch due to her 'red flag' symptoms of COVID-19. McCombs is only allowed to be outside on her patio.

Sabrina McCombs fights COVID-19 symptoms

Tyrina McCombs , Distribution Reporter April 25, 2020

“I did have a feeling COVID-19 was going to be all around the world eventually, but knowing it is like the flu but worse, and that it could kill you, is scary,” eighth grader Sabrina McCombs said.  McCombs...

Although there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, there are ways to prevent it from spreading. People who practice good hygiene have a better chance of not contracting the virus than those who do not.

Canadian worker recovers from coronavirus

Emma Wagner, Copy Editor April 17, 2020

The idea of contracting the corona virus is terrifying for many people. The harsh symptoms and the possibility of death has led to a nationwide lock-down and a new era of social distancing. One person...

Stillwater graduate Ben Valerius ('19) attends his virtual Ballet One class. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Valerius has had to have his classes for his Bachelor of Performing Arts degree online.

Valerius overcomes challenges in his first year as BPA student

Charlie Valerius, Online Editor April 15, 2020

The saying “the show must go on” has been a traditional term in the theatre culture for a long time. During a global pandemic, Stillwater graduate Ben Valerius ('19) is bringing this term to life while...

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