Extraordinary staff and students make FFA plant sale happen


Photo submitted by Glenn Boettcher

The SAHS greenhouse is full of plants that are ready to sell. You can purchase these plants at a social distancing sale on May 8 or 9.

Brianne Johnson, Layout Editor

Like many things the FFA Plant Sale has had some changes thanks to coronavirus (COVID-19) The annual FFA plant sale is still going to happen thanks to some extraordinary staff and students.

This year, there are two options for the sale: an online order form with a pick up time or a small sale in the courtyard. If people do not feel safe going to the sale, they can order online and schedule a curbside pickup time on May 7.

Sophomore and FFA Sentinel Marit Hegstad said she has helped with pricing, scheduling the sale and prepping the plants in the greenhouse while we were still in school.

The plant sale is FFA’s biggest project it really takes the whole group for it to come together especially during these strange times. FFA advisor Glenn Boettcher reached out to students and staff for their help.

I had Brianne Johnson and Marit Hegstad doing the pricing for the order form. I reached out to anyone that was willing to help with putting the photos into the order form,” Boettcher said.

We decided to reduce the prices on all products due to the current economic situation, thanks to the students that helped with that.”

— Glenn Boetcher

This year, FFA students decided to lower the prices to make it more affordable with so many people out of work. The 4″ pots are $4, hanging baskets $15 and deck pots are $30.

“We decided to reduce the prices on all products due to the current economic situation, thanks to the students that helped with that,” Boettcher said.

Even with the extreme price reductions FFA is not afraid of losing income. The first day of the online sale was similar to the first hour of the regular sale, slow at first then picks up speed as people tell others about it.

“So far the sales are helping cover the expenses of the pots, soils, and plants.  It runs like a business so no profit is made until all expenses are paid,” Boettcher said.

The online order formed will close on  May 6 at noon, the on-site social distancing sale will be held on May 8 and May 9.  

“The amount of plants that will be for sale on the 8th and 9th will depend on how many sell online, so far we have only sold out of one plant Burgundy Blaze Geraniums,” Boettcher said.

“From what I have heard from Mr. Boettcher the courtyard sale will mostly be 4″ pots and the remaining hanging baskets and deck pots,” floral design teacher Staci Brown added.

With school being shut down it has been more difficult to keep the plants alive and healthy. FFA Advisor Glenn Boettcher is one of the few teachers allowed into the school to take care of the plants.

“I go to the greenhouse 2 to 3 times a week now since the plants are bigger and need more water, I try to get there as much as I can,” Boettcher said. 

With most businesses shut down this is a great way to get plants at an affordable price. All the money made goes back into FFA.

“The thing I miss the most is the excitement and smiling faces of the students and customers,” Boettcher said.