‘The Turning’ receives unexpected, displeased reviews


Fair use image by Universal Studios

American supernatural horror film, ‘The Turning’ hit theaters Jan. 24. Fans express disappointment as the movie did not capture the horror aspect that many were looking for.

Fiona Stahl, Online Editor

The newly released supernatural horror film “The Turning, directed by Floria Sigismoni, recently hit theaters Jan. 24. Many fans have expressed their thoughts and feelings over social media. It was obvious why the multi-plot story was disliked. It was incredibly difficult to keep track of who was who and what they had to do with the story.

The Turning’, based off the 1898 film, ‘The Turn of the Screw’, is about a young governess who has recently been hired to take care of and watch over the wealthy siblings Miles and Flora. Finn Wolfhard plays the role of child Miles Fairchild, alongside Brooklyn Prince. Prince plays Miles’s sister, Flora Fairchild.

The two became orphans at a young age, due to their parents passing in a horrific accident. Miles is a disobedient and annoying ten-year-old who has just returned from boarding school. This is after getting expelled. His sister, Flora, has formed into a quiet, young girl after witnessing their parents deaths. Kate Mandell (Mackenzie Davis) is the new nanny of the manor. Miles continues to make Kate’s life harder by tormenting her throughout the entire film. Her insanity begins to spiral her into more mania. As Kate realizes the children are acting oddly, the story unfolds as she finds out more secrets about them and their lives before.

When the movie ended, multiple people around me were just as confused as I was. This is the ending?”

— Gavin Carlson

Audience members have explained they found the plot intriguing and interesting, but the film tied in multiple other plots. This made it difficult to comprehend and grasp. 

Junior Harry Gimpel, is one of many who did not enjoy the multi-plot storyline. He expressed confusion and unhappiness. 

“I wish the director developed the character’s reasonings more because you never knew why the characters were doing what they were doing,” Gimpel explained. 

Not only did the public complain about having a messy plotline, but also the ending did not feel right. Audience members expressed dissatisfaction not only over social media but also in the theater itself. 

“When the movie ended, multiple people around me were just as confused as I was.” Puzzled, Carlson added “this is the ending?”

Carlson and Gimpel both agreed the ending was extremely confusing and did not solve any of the problems that originated.

Many teens find horror movies entertaining because they enjoy the feeling of thrill, but ‘The Turning’ did not provide that. Typically, the targeted age for horror movies is ages 15 to 25. 

Eighth-grader Annabelle Lewis explained she “likes the feeling of being on edge the entire time.” Lewis also prefers true horror movies, rather than a comical one. 

Popular actor, Finn Wolfhard, drew attention by many. With having won multiple awards by Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance, he has grown to become a well known actor today .Wolfard plays Mike in the hit Netflix original series, “Stranger Things”. 

“One thing I liked about the movie was the actor Finn Wolfhard. I’m glad he was in it because he is a good actor for the role,” Carlson said. 

The plot developed an interesting storyline, but did not provide enough action and horror, which left fans feeling disappointed. Carlson and Gimpel both gave ‘The Turning’ vastly low ratings, but so did the public on popular rating website,Rotten Tomatoes. They both agreed on not recommending seeing the movie because there are many better ones out there.