Amnesty supports all human rights

Photo by Claire Anderson
Senior Co-presidents Abby Banks and Amy Longtin are going over future events in Amnesty Club during Friday Morning Club.

Amnesty International club raises awareness of human rights issues through activities. They protect the human rights of all genders, races, religions and sexualities.

The Amnesty club protects and helps students with human rights issues by funding Valley Outreach and BIZAA (Basic Institute for Zonal African Advancement). They spread awareness through activities, fund drives and community work. They hold a hygiene drive, clothing drive and volunteer at Second Harvest.

On International Day of Peace in September, the club sends out petitions in the Main Rotunda students can sign and will be sent to the Government of the places affected and Amnesty. Students can sign these petitions to show what they feel is unjust in the community. These petitions help students get their voices heard.

“This is an action that we don’t support and that we don’t want to be repeated,” senior co-president Amy Longtin said. Longtin explained this is what they do to get their voices heard on International Day of Peace.

On Human Rights Day in December, there are speakers who visit the school to speak about current events relating to human rights being violated. These speakers are strongly opinionated and are heard and respected.

It helped me see outside of the Minnesota bubble.”

— Kris McCarthy

“Six different speakers that come in,” social studies teacher and advisor Kris McCarthy said. “They talk about different things from domestic violence to human trafficking to the court system, Native American rights.”

Every Friday during Amnesty Club while enjoying morning snacks, they discuss and they present on current events and upcoming events for Amnesty. The club takes place Friday Mornings at 7:15 in McCarthy’s room.

“We look through presentations like what is coming up, what do we need volunteers for we will often go through current events,” junior Grace McDonough said. They discuss what people can do for Amnesty ranging from events to drives.

They run a hygiene and clothing drive that is donated to Valley Outreach and BIZAA. They run these drives so that people can have a better chance in the workforce. These drives are a huge part of Amnesty.

“Women who have experienced domestic violence and donating professional clothing attire to help women in domestic abuse situations, go out into the workforce and interviews,” McCarthy said. These women are supported by Amnesty and that is why they hold these drives.

Amnesty has huge effects on their lives. Amnesty opens minds to new ideas on life and different current issues about the overall world.

“It helped me see outside of the Minnesota bubble,” McCarthy said. She explained how there are a lot of people that need assistance and how easy it is to help.  Amnesty is an easy way to help make an impact.

Amnesty Club has positive effects on people’s lives who need assistance while having a great effect on people in the club too.