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Society’s hypocritical and insecure trait: judgement and comparison

The constant usage of phones everyday impacts the mental health of an individual. Social media, a shareable platform, can create a sense of low self esteem and self consciousness when comparing oneself to others.

Aarya Yang, Layout Editor

April 2, 2020

Scroll. Like. Scroll. Like. Scroll… An eye-catching post appears. This post was not like the posts before. The elements of the post contain an emotional connection. It makes the conscience feel weaker. The observer analyzes every little detail from the background, to the person's clothes, wealth, e...

McCarthy receives Partnership Teacher of the Year award

Senior Olivia Walsh, along with recommenders Amy Longtin and Abby Banks, nominated Kris McCarthy for the Partnership Plan award.

Sadie Heieren, Photographer

April 16, 2019

Every year, eight teachers in the Stillwater district are honored and awarded by the Partnership Plan. This year, social studies teacher Kris McCarthy was one of few people awarded the 2018-2019 Partnership award. A public banquet is being held in honor of the award winners on April 15, at the Grand Banquet Hall. Tickets are $22 ...

Amnesty supports all human rights

Senior Co-presidents Abby Banks and Amy Longtin are going over future events in Amnesty Club during Friday Morning Club.

Claire Anderson, Field Reporter

November 1, 2018

Amnesty International club raises awareness of human rights issues through activities. They protect the human rights of all genders, races, religions and sexualities. The Amnesty club protects and helps students with human rights issues by funding Valley Outreach and BIZAA (Basic Institute fo...

Schueler earns elite certification

Schueler earns elite certification

Emily Ness, Video Anchor and Field Reporter

December 16, 2014

Andrea Schueler has been a Spanish Teacher in our district for 16 years. Recently, she became the district’s second teacher to earn National Board Certification, an elite teaching credential held by only three percent of the nation’s teachers.   Schueler became Stillwater School District’s second Board Certified teacher, joining Kris Mc...

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