Tiered parking permits provide financial options

Annamarie Born, Buisness Editor

Photo by Annie Born
This fall, administration introduces a new tiered-parking fee structure to allow students a more affordable parking experience. The cost ranges from $175-$250.

The parking system has made changes. There now are three lots, hanging permits and new prices. Changes are continuing as the years progress to make the parking system the best it can be. These changes are good alternatives to the parking lot.

The changes to the parking lot have benefited the students. Now, it is possible for students with all incomes to drive to school. Also, students can now carpool using a hanging pass rather than a sticker.

“Now it is a lot more convenient for me and my friends to carpool. We can now share a parking pass for the group we go with without all paying for a single pass,” ┬ájunior Braiden Hilde said.

The parking passes now have three prices: Red Lot= $250; Black Lot=$200; Gray Lot=$175. In prior years, the parking lot only had one price for $250 and students could not park in the front of the lot, it was for staff only.

Although the parking pass prices have gone down in price, some students still believe that they are still too expensive, “I don’t like the new parking passes because you have to pay extra to get a good spot,” junior Alyssa Baggenstoss said.

Students do pay more money for the red lot than the black and gray, but they still pay less than in the past years. The money for passes is continuing to reduce in price.

The money for the parking passes goes into painting the parking lots, adding security and maintenance for the parking lot. The money for the passes goes into making the parking lot better for the students. Authorities that are in charge of the parking lot are asking student opinions and other professionals to make the parking lot more efficient and cost effective.

“The money from the parking permits goes to several things, I would say a good amount of it is parking lot maintenance,” Assistant Principal Shelly Phernetton said.

The parking lot changes are more beneficial for students than previous years. The alternative hanging passes and prices have made parking in the high school a lot easier. New and better changes are still coming as years progress.