Trump travel ban replaced with extreme vetting, lacks clarity

In recent months, the Trump Administration has started cracking down on immigration and refugees in a new way. President Trump rid the country of his latest travel ban back in September after numerous failed attempts, and instead settled for new restrictions and screening of all people trying to enter the United States.

Over the course of Trump’s entire presidency people have been affected by his unfair travel restrictions. Under these restrictions, people from numerous countries within the Middle East have been prevented from entering the United States under any circumstances because Trump believes this is the answer to solving terrorism.

Alternative Copy by Ike Gunderson

From the beginning, the majority of the United States have been infuriated with the bill, and every time Trump has issued one, it has been shut down in some way. What people probably weren’t expecting, though, was for Trump to agree to ending his ban. Instead, the Trump Administration proposed restrictions and screening, which could be just as bad.

“The U.S. vetting process is already firm enough, it took my parents 5 to 7 years to get into the country,”  junior Dawn Mohamed said.

The new proposal of screening and restrictions can be viewed as already extreme vetting becoming more extreme. The Trump Administration also stated that 11 undisclosed countries will have an even lesser chance of entering the U.S. because they’re viewed as a bigger threat.

To become a citizen of the United States one has to go through screening and background checks already, and this program doesn’t need to be amped up because it works. According to, no refugee has carried out an act of major fatal terrorism in the United States since the Refugee Act of 1980.

“I hate when we declare war on concepts. We had the war on drugs that we have largely deemed a failure. George W. Bush started this war on terror after the 9/11 attacks. There is terror anywhere someone uses their free will to inflict harm and damage on another individual,”  A.P. Govt. teacher Roger Stippel said.

Declaring war on concepts will only achieve fear. Terror is everywhere, depending on your definition. According to, more caucasian males commit fatal terror attacks in the United States than anyone else by a long shot, but there is no fear of them. American troops have killed more innocent people in the Middle East than Middle Eastern terrorists have ever killed in the United States, and there is no fear of troops.

From and, just over 100 people have been killed by Islamic Terrorists since 2000, not including 9/11, and according to, President Trump allegedly killed almost 1,500 innocent civilians in the Middle East through U.S. Military coalition airstrikes in one month alone.

“When [President Trump] makes these types of plans, he definitely thinks that his way is the only way. …what he thinks just doesn’t align with reality,” senior Megan Ramberg said. Trump and the Trump Administration lack facts, clarity and reasoning.