Variety show for all ages

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Variety show for all ages

Zak Mantel

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Singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument or playing an instrument and singing while dancing on a unicycle; whatever there is a talent for, it was found at the Theatre Department’s Showcase variety show where students took center stage performing any acts they saw fit. The performances were on Nov. 22-23 in the auditorium.

Performers auditioned a few weeks prior to the performances. While performers were open to choose their content, they were required to attend auditions with a clear idea and perform in front of Heari Tollefson, the theatre department director.

The lights went dark down and out walked juniors Maddy Boettner and Colin Peters, his acoustic guitar in his hand. Boettner sang “I’m Yours,” originally by Jason Mraz, with great emotion and pitch control. The pair utilized the live instrument instead of a back track, which helped to create a soothing tone to the piece and perfect for the opening act.

Young or elderly, the variety show has proven to be for all. “Stormy Weather,” sang most famously by Lena Horne in 1943, was the choice of 80 year old Judy Hansen as she took stage next to the piano under a spotlight.

Senior Kjerstin Berg said Hansen was her favorite act because, “she was super cute and she did dance moves with an umbrella.”

Fourth grader Brea Davis danced up and down the stage to the piece “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. Davis choreographed the dance herself, and showed the audience her skills in ballet.

variety show 1

Photo by Jasmine Amos
Juniors Kallie Quist and Samantha Flipp become wicked as they sing “What is this feeling?” from the show Wicked.


The show on Friday night had slightly different acts than on Saturday. Sophomore Kallie Quist performed a duet of “What is this Feeling” from “Wicked” with sophomore Samantha Flipp and a solo of “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” by Marilyn Monroe.

“Samantha and I thought [What is this Feeling] would be a a lot of fun because we are best friends but the song is about how we hate each other,” said Quist.

An act that stood out among them all, though, was senior Libby Lambert’s rendition of “Ave Maria” by Beyonce. Lambert’s vocal strength resonated throughout the auditorium, as she sang the opera-like selection.

The selection process for Lambert’s choice was significantly technical.

“I thought Ave Maria portrayed a lot of the lower range and the upper range of my voice, and I liked how it all fit together,” explained Lambert. “I would not make opera my main focus, but if I did get the opportunity to do an opera I think I would.

Brooke Knoll’s performance stood out among the rest as well. She performed a rendition of “Moon River,” as made famous by the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” on her harp. Knoll has been playing the harp for ten years, and wishes to continue for the rest of her life.

Knoll explained the selection of her piece was determined when theatre director Heari Tollefson asked her to play the piece in this years variety show.

“I have been in ever single Showcase since the first one in 2009.” added Knoll, “It’s kind of a traditional event for me to do something for the performances.”

The acts in this year’s Showcase Variety Show were phenomenal, and even had acts that stood out among the rest as spectacular.

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