Tim Kromer pursues dream of being a DJ


Many students have unique interests that not many other students have.  One student in particular has a strong passion to be a DJ, junior Tim Kromer.

Kromer has a deep passion becoming a DJ and a strong desire to be a successful one too.  He is not afraid to throw himself out in the open so he becomes known around the school as the “DJ kid” and the kid who was the DJ at Snoball for the first couple of minutes of the dance.  Kromer really enjoys what he does and wants people to know that he loves being a DJ.

For Kromer, being a DJ is not just a way for him to release stress or to make music because he wants to, it is a way for him to put himself out there so that people notice him.

“It allows me to express myself in ways I am not available to.  I like to show myself off in a musical sense and it allows me to interact with people who like my music,” Kromer said.

Not only does Kromer make his own music from scratch, but he sometimes pulls music from various music sites and then will change it up to sound significantly different than the original, giving it his own style.

“I use a ton of different programs, I use different ways of making music. Sometimes I pull a song from YouTube and then remix it on my own,” Kromer said.

Making songs is not something any person can do, it can be very strenuous and time consuming. For Kromer it takes time and a lot of effort to make a well written song.

“Overall it’s a lot of fun, just pure fun and I love making music.  It is not easy and I tend to have a ear for the chorus and the progression that comes along with making the music,” Kromer said.

Surprisingly, what got Tim into DJing was a video game, and the game had catchy music that captured Tim’s attention.  In response to what had happened, he started to listen to different artists.

“What got me into DJing? A video game that had some sort of catchy music.  I actually started listening to a lot of different artists.  This boosted my confidence and I thought to myself ‘wow this is not that hard to make, but it takes a long time’,” Kromer said.

Kromer did not really have any thoughts of becoming or being a DJ, it just came down to the simple point that he liked music and liked making his own as well as for others to hear.

“I really didn’t know that I wanted to become a DJ, I more thought to myself that, if I am going to make my own music and produce it and throw myself out there I might as well become a DJ in more of a sense of a producer of music than just playing music in front of people,” Kromer said.

It allows me to express myself in ways I am not available to. I like to show myself off in a musical sense and it allows me to interact with people who like my music.”

— Tim Kromer

Not only does all his friends and fans support what he does, his parents also supports what he does and likes that he is so passionate about being a DJ.

“I enjoy that he likes DJing, he is a musically inclined kid and he enjoys the technology piece too,” Tim’s mother said.

He also has a lot people that enjoy his music and like that he is so passionate about what he does and the time and effort he puts into his work.

“I think it’s cool that Tim is so passionate about making beats,” junior Daniel Hammer said,”It’s nice to see him having a good time while DJing.”

Kromer spends a lot of time making his music. He has to manage homework and other school activities and on top of all of that has to squeeze in time for making his music.  He usually spends about two hours a night working on his music.

“I normally work on it two hours a night and it depends on my schedule of the day, it depends how late I am up doing homework.  I usually go to bed around 1 o’clock and I still get a really good night sleep cause I know that when I go to sleep I feel really confident of what I have made and what I have done in a sense of the night that was very successful,” Kromer said.

Kromer had the opportunity to play for the first couple of minutes at Snoball and was able to show off to people was he was capable of musically.  This was Kromer’s first big event as a DJ that a lot of people enjoyed.

“What do I feel?  I feel absolutely amazing,” Kromer said, “When I played at Snoball, which was just a start, it was amazing, I felt like I was on top of the world, it was amazing. I felt like everyone was listening, everyone was paying attention.”

“I think it’s great that he had the opportunity to share a talent and others appreciate the music as well, it makes me feel good,” Beth said.