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Youtube, educational ally in classrooms

A student's search for chemistry help guides them to a Youtube account. The search features one of the most popular educational Youtube accounts, Crash Course.

Paige Speedling, Distribtion Reporter

November 12, 2018

All over the United States Youtube has been an educational ally. Youtube lets people upload entertaining, educational, informative, or just really interesting videos. A large number of videos on Youtube are for educational purposes. Students and staff should be able to access Youtube in and out of sc...

Teachers learn about memes, share reactions

Alternative Copy by Hannah Boardman

Fotini Kloos, Announcements Editor

May 22, 2018

Memes have been popular and cultural ideas that have been passed from one individual to another. They have been surfacing not only in Stillwater, but all throughout social media as well. We see memes on Snapchat, Instagram and on television. The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be fu...

1-800-273-8255 by Logic

Public domain image by Ryan Jay

Izzy Allen, Student Playlist Reporter

January 2, 2018

Most people know Logic because of his very popular song, "1-800-273-8255", which is the Suicide Hotline number.  He made this song to bring awareness to the subject.  The song has been on Billboard's Top 100 Songs list for 32 weeks; it's highest position was at number three.  The song has been nominated...

YouTube Pacific Viperfish displays film-making creativity

YouTube Pacific Viperfish displays film-making creativity

Fotini Kloos, Announcment's Editor

December 9, 2017

  Many students have edited or uploaded a video to Youtube either for school purposes or classes, as in video production, or for fun when they have down time. Seniors Miles Schindel, William Bestler and Victor Brasch have a channel called Pacific Viperfish films. They use their channel ...

Social media working as efficient communication medium on terrorism

Social media working as efficient communication medium on terrorism

Cates Eliasen, Online Editor

November 6, 2016

Videos of  the Paris attacks were uploaded to Youtube almost immediately. The Orlando shooting was shown to many in real time through Snapchat. News of ISIS attacks are updated constantly on Twitter. There is no doubt that social media and terrorism have a strong link, however, the debate falls on whether that is...

False internet information permeates the crevices of daily life

Infographic by Cates Eliasen

Cates Eliasen, Online Editor

November 5, 2016

When scrolling through the trending section on YouTube or any other social media site, many of the videos tend to follow a similar outline. Poorly organized videos centered around disrespecting someone, with a follow up video calling out slander. It seems that in today's world of social media, t...

Tim Kromer pursues dream of being a DJ

Junior Tim Kromer is interacting with the crowd of people and is having a blast being the DJ at Snoball.  A person in the front is cheering on Tim while he is DJing.  “I love when people listen to my music and once I get going it just feels amazing,” Kromer said.

Cole Lebourgeois, Copy Editor

January 13, 2016

  Many students have unique interests that not many other students have.  One student in particular has a strong passion to be a DJ, junior Tim Kromer. Kromer has a deep passion becoming a DJ and a strong desire to be a successful one too.  He is not afraid to throw himself out in t...

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