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Boys, girls track teams begin season

Photo courtsey Josh Phelps.  Senior Josh Phelps is ready to come back from his injury he received last season. “We weren’t full strength during the big meets because most of our sprinters were injured. I remember feeling a pop in my hamstring and later found out I was going to be out for 3-4 weeks,” Josh Phelps says.

Sonia Moran, Photographer

May 4, 2017

The boys and girls track are sprinting their way in to the beginning on the season. Both teams are strong this year. The runners this year are focusing on training harder this season. The coaches are pushing the runners a lot harder this year. Despite their dedication this year, the teams goal's remain...

Boys and girls track teams set their sights on state

Jared Dean, News Anchor

April 28, 2016

  The Track and Field teams are sprinting into the season with high expectations. The team is proud of their high rank. The team broke records last year in 110 hurdles and the 4x1 records that may be difficult to match. Despite this, the team's goal still remains the same; to go to the state tournament...

Tim Kromer pursues dream of being a DJ

Junior Tim Kromer is interacting with the crowd of people and is having a blast being the DJ at Snoball.  A person in the front is cheering on Tim while he is DJing.  “I love when people listen to my music and once I get going it just feels amazing,” Kromer said.

Cole Lebourgeois, Copy Editor

January 13, 2016

  Many students have unique interests that not many other students have.  One student in particular has a strong passion to be a DJ, junior Tim Kromer. Kromer has a deep passion becoming a DJ and a strong desire to be a successful one too.  He is not afraid to throw himself out in t...

The past and present success of the boys Cross Country team

Boys Cross Country team lines up as they prepare for their race this August.

Lucas Braun, Social Media Editor

October 26, 2015

The boys cross country team had been extremely successful in the past and still is today. They have won multiple state titles, regional tournaments, they have even competed in national tournaments and they continue to have great success every year. They have been so successful for so long partly d...

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