Bath bombs explode into pop culture

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Bath bombs have become increasingly popular over the past few years.  Co-founder of LUSH Cosmetics Mo Constantine invented the Bath Bomb in 1989.  Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of chemicals and oils. LUSH Bath Bombs are completely organic.  LUSH first came to be in 1995 but the co-founders had been working together since 1977.

“Once you put [a bath bomb] in your bath, they dissolve and fizz around and dispense good oils, minerals and perfume into the water.  They’re really relaxing and it makes your skin feel really soft,” said junior Ally Boyd.

LUSH uses ingredients that aren’t tested on animals and their stuff is organic and natural. It’s really good quality”

— Ally Boyd

All bath bombs are made with natural ingredients.  For example. the Love Locket bomb is full of essential oils such as vanilla, jasmine and neroli.  It also has paper hearts and shiny red agar seaweed hearts.

Junior Allison Wendorf said, “All the LUSH products are handmade and really organic.  They don’t use preservatives.  It’s all really natural.  Sometimes you get a sticker of some sort saying who packaged your items and it’s really cool.”

The LUSH inventors started making their products by going to farmers markets and shops that sold flowers, buying the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, and bringing them back to their labs to infuse them into their inventions.  The ingredients used in Bath Bombs are common and can be found most places.  They are listed on every package. LUSH even made a ‘LUSHopedia’, which lists all ingredients they use in every product.

“LUSH uses ingredients that aren’t tested on animals and their stuff is organic and natural. It’s really good,” said Boyd.

LUSH has been fighting animal testing for over 30 years.  They do not buy ingredients from companies that do.  In fact, LUSH is so serious about ending animal test that they are offering $250 thousand to anybody who actually does.  And when you purchase their items online, they put a sticker on the box saying that they fight animal testing.