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This year, KS95 put on a benefit concert to help raise money for cancer research studies.

Most of the students know Zach Sobiech as he was well known throughout the school as a caring and loving person, who had an unfortunate ending to his life story. He was dying of cancer, but instead of just giving up, he expressed his thoughts and feelings through music, inspiring all. This year, KS95 put on a benefit concert to help raise money for cancer research studies.

On Dec. 6, 2012, KS95 debuted a song by Zach, called “Clouds.” One year later people gathered at Mall of America to remember Zach and to honor all of the children who are fighting cancer, disabilities and complex medical conditions. The concert was held at Mall of America on Dec. 11 on behalf of Zach Sobiech, our hometown hero.

Laura Sobiech, Zach’s mom was touched that Zach’s music and his story touched so many people’s lives. She is honored that KS95 hosted a concert in memory of Zach and that so many people showed up.

Laura Sobiech said, “It’s less of a concert and more like a community event. It came to be last year, when KS95 wanted to honor the one year anniversary of the release of Zach’s song, ‘Clouds.’ Last year 3,000 people registered to participate and 5,000 showed up and this years registration nearly 5,000 signed up.”

Zach’s sister, sophomore Grace Sobiech was inspired by all of the loving people that showed up to the performance. The concert was not dedicated to Zach, like last year, but instead it was dedicated to kids that had cancer.

Grace said, “I thought the concert was a great idea getting everybody involved with celebrating Zach’s song, and the message was a kid trying to say goodbye and everyone wanting to come together and acknowledging a good guy. It was really sweet.”

The people that signed up were some of the people that got to participate in the show, but all were welcome to come and support the cause. It was a huge turnout this year, about 6,000 people crammed into the rotunda of the mall.

Junior Brittney Carter said, “It was really cool how everyone came together whether they knew him or not, or if they knew his situation. Just to come together and support the cause.”

Every year, over 15,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer, and thousands more face disabilities and complex medical conditions. In memory of the song he wrote two years ago people came together. The song has now become an international anthem for courage and hope.

Junior Taylor Collier said, “My heart was touched when I saw all of the people that came. I was also honored that he went to my school and I knew him, his song was amazing.”

“The concert was upbeat and hopeful for the other kids. They not only played the (‘Clouds’) song but they also played the Christmas songs. People were so into the music that they did not let there emotion get the best of them,” said Collier.

He brought more attention to cancer and fired up people to support the cause.  A year and half after his death, Zach’s message lives on. To this date, nearly a $1 million has been raised for Osteosarcoma research.