Max Shikenjanski sets yet another record


Photo by Maya Disher

Senior Max Shikenjanski, number 45, dribbles the basketball past a defender during the game against Cottage Grove. The bleachers are full of friends and family watching intently.

Kyle Seebeck, Reporter and Podcast

On Jan. 27  in the basketball game against Cottage Grove at home, senior Max Shikenjanski set yet another record by reaching 2,000 high school career points after his game-winning shot. He is the first boys basketball player at Stillwater to ever reach 2,000 points. Though his success was not instant, through hard work, dedication and commitment Max has been able to reach for the stars.

“He is one of the most intelligent Basketball players that I’ve ever coached,” said boys varsity basketball coach Brady Hannigan.

Ever since he was young, Max had always loved sports not only through himself but through his family. His father, Jim Shikenjanski, a former Gopher basketball player, has always been there for Max as a father as well as his life-long coach.

“He’s been my coach for as many years as I can remember…everything I know about basketball is from him,” Max added.

Throughout his life as an athlete, Max has always shown leadership and hard work. Many of his teammates really look up to him as not only a friend and teammate, but as a leader and an inspiration.

Long-time teammate and junior Joe Hoheisel said, “He’s an incredible athlete with talent that no one on the team has played with before. No matter how much he can get on your nerves, as a leader he holds us all to the highest expectations possible and that is a big reason our team has had a huge push towards that winning mentality these last couple of years.”

Max has always been a record-breaker setting a single-game scoring record of 49 points against cretin in his sophomore year. As well as his most recent record, being the first boys basketball player in Stillwater’s history to reach 2,000 high school career points.

“He wants to win, he wants to be the best and he puts forth his best effort to do that.” Brady Hannigan”

— Hannigan

“I knew I’d be the only guy with 2,000 points which is a blessing, it’s amazing to know that and accomplish that, but in the game, I just wanted to win,” Max explained.

To be a top athlete does not come from working alone, but from working with your team to reach your goals. Max is a team player, not only guiding his team, but trusting them to do their part when he gives them the ball.

During a basketball game last year, “Max instilled me with confidence that he will do his part if I do mine and he has never failed to uphold that deal he made,” Hoheisel added.

None of his success was instant, in order to become a winner he had to put in the work. For Max, this meant consistently going to the ETS facility, lifting heavy and always practicing whenever he has the opportunity.

“He wants to win, he wants to be the best and he puts forth his best effort to do that,” Hannigan explained.

From his success as a football and basketball player, Max has caught the attention of recruiters all over the country. Though he was really conflicted when it came to playing basketball in South Carolina or becoming a Minnesota Gopher and playing football.

Max explained that it was a tough decision to make, but in the end “it came down to me being a Gopher fan my whole life and being able to play in front of my family.”

Max is an impressive athlete, who always takes the opportunity to get better individually and with his team. He has left his mark at Stillwater and is getting ready for his next step at the University of Minnesota.

“I hope they’ve appreciated watching him play football and basketball the last however many years because you’re not gonna get too many kids that are a top 10 pick for Mr. Football or Mr. Basketball. Who’s going to play in the All-Star game for football and the All-Star game for basketball, and have two very successful seasons as a great athlete,” Hannigan added