TRUST club fundraises for equipment


Photo by Aubree Bigger

Senior Patrick De St. Aubin, member of the TRUST club, poses outside of lunch. Patrick is a leader of the TRUST club and helps them fundraise and plan events.

Aubree Bigger, Political Cartoon Editor and Copy Editor

The TRUST club promotes unity, inclusivity and equality. This club works to unify the school and make students with disabilities feel at home. Often, disabled students can feel misplaced or like they do not fit in, and the members of the TRUST club work together to join hands and end the stigma.

“The main point of TRUST club is to kind of just unify the special education program with the rest of the school. It kind of like normalizes being friends with everyone,” senior Patrick de St. Aubin said.

The TRUST club works together with its members to plan fundraising events. The club’s most popular events are the Polar Plunge and when they sell their t-shirts for $20 during lunch. 

This year, the club’s signature shirts have a superman logo with the ponies mascot. On the back, it reads, “inclusion is our superpower” and “True-Respect-Unifies-Students-Together”.

The club president is senior Rylynn Zanon and the leaders are seniors Patrick de St. Aubin and Tom Blair. The staff member advising the club is Paula Harrison. However, these are only a few of the many members of the club. They have members of all backgrounds and ages helping to create a safer, more unified school for everyone.

The main point of TRUST club is to kind of just unify the special education program with the rest of the school. It kind of like normalizes being friends with everyone

— Patrick de St Aubin

With the return of office hours, the club can do fun activities for students during that time, which they have not been able to do previously this year.

When asked about fundraising, Zanon said “It goes to our special Olympics,” and “we use it to buy equipment.” Although, they sometimes go on field trips or throw graduation parties for the club’s seniors.

Harrison said they also use the money to buy t-shirts, specialized equipment and that they also donate some of their money to students whose shirts have gotten old and faded.

“Donating helps us plan a lot more events which of course is just great; we’re also able to hold more campaigns and stuff. We’re just able to spread the message a lot easier when we have, like per se, if we don’t have money we can’t buy the shirts we got, then we sell those back to make more money,” St. Aubin said.

Fundraising is a big part of this club and is what helps them keep running. Not only is it beneficial to them in the future, but it is also an event that allows them to hang out and spend time together. 

With donation money, the club can set up more fundraising events, sports events, charity events, and someday maybe even some art events. The club does a lot of fun activities and any sort of donation helps them out greatly. 

The TRUST club does not use any of the money for profit. It all goes towards events, t-shirts and other things aforementioned. 

Donation money is significant for the TRUST club. They need it to plan, enter, and run events or campaigns. Without help from the community, they would not have the financial support required to make a better school for everyone.