French club thrives under ambitious leaders

Bella Godfrey, Graphics Editor and Online Editor-In-Cheif

French club, a student-led organization, has recently blown up becoming one of the most popular after school spots every other Thursday. Senior leaders Logan Onken and Avery Hoge have a strong passion for the French language. The two have taken on the challenge of reviving the after school activity after the pandemic took out the club that had existed continuously for over 20 years.  

Since the club has spread, many students have become more interested in the language, and not just the ones who are actually in French class. Students of all levels have become curious about the culture of France. 

“There’s an interesting dynamic this year. It’s different from any year that I’ve ever done French club before. We have a handful of students who are not in French class, but they really want to learn French, and they have an opportunity to do it with us,” French teacher Jacqueline Parr said. “It’s like an immersion kind of experience, and it’s pretty cool. I can’t believe how much they’re able to communicate.”

We have a handful of students who are not in French class, but they really want to learn French, and they and they have an opportunity to do it with us.”

— Jacqueline Parr

During meetings, members have been participating in multiple different kinds of activities like playing engaging games or making and eating traditional French foods. 

Senior Justin Lopez thinks that the activities in the club help him to be able to communicate outside of a strictly academic situation. It also helps with critical thinking “on the fly.” The club has helped Lopez learn a lot of different terms that he wouldn’t ordinarily know.

Senior club leader Logan Onken has taken on a large role in bringing the club back to life. As the club grew, different interests have presented themselves across the levels of the French language speakers. Being in CIS French V herself, Onken has come to enjoy both the language and the culture. 

The club has become less focused on the language itself this year, because everyone is at different levels. They have recently been focusing on “more cultural things. The week before Christmas break we made the Yule Logs, which is a French tradition. And then a few weeks ago, we had the Gallette des Rois, the Kings Cake, which is another French tradition,” Onken said.

One of Parr’s favorite parts about being the club’s advisor is watching the students collaborate. 

“It’s nice to see them pursue stuff that they’re interested in, and it’s not just me and my interests that push down on them. That’s been nice to have them take that and steer the club in the direction that they’re interested in,” Parr said. 

“Honestly, it’s kind of a community where everyone is friends with each other and we’re always just so nice and happy to see one another and to be doing activities, and it’s just great,” Lopez explained. “I would describe us as a very close knit community, almost like a family.”