FFA livestock team qualifies for state


Photo submitted by Glenn Boettcher

FFA members travel to Indianapolis to the National Convention Center. The FFA team qualified for state.

Riley Carlson, Photography Editor and Online Editor

The Stillwater FFA team qualified for State on Oct. 13 in the Livestock barn at the University of Minnesota campus in St. Paul. They were asked to rank the livestock on muscling and bone structure. Junior, Alison Bergmann placed second regionally, and tenth out of the entire competition.

Bergmann has always had a love for animals and her being a part of FFA makes her be able to be around them for much longer. She has been around livestock animals her whole life. Bergmann has had many family members in FFA growing up, so she wanted to join because it is like a family tradition for her and her family to be a part of FFA.

“It’s super fun to act like a judge and walk around very high quality animals and be able to voice your own opinion on them,” Bergmann said.

It’s super fun to act like a judge and walk around very high quality animals and be able to voice your own opinion on them.

— Alison Bergmann

Junior, Pryia Degroot has been a part of FFA now for about two years and she had joined because her dad had been in it as a teenager as well.

“My family has been in it including my dad and I joined because it seemed like it would be fun and a great experience for me,” Degroot said.

Before Stillwater FFA goes to livestock judging, they sit down and study different positions and study what could be on the quiz they take after judging.

Bergmann chose to be a part of FFA to be able to show her livestock at different shows. When her livestock go to shows, it helps her know what the judges are looking for in livestock.

“The thing that made me want to be a part of FFA was having the ability to show my livestock more at different shows, it also helps me know what the judges will be looking for in my livestock,” Bergmann said.

To stay active in Stillwater FFA, students went to the highway cleanup down Stillwater Blvd. last week and cleaned up lots of trash off the road to help the Stillwater Community look better.

Senior, Karley Rydeen raises livestock on a small farm her family owns, allowing her to expand her knowledge while being a part of FFA. Being in FFA has endless opportunities and expands leadership to become more mature and responsible.

“Agriculture has been a huge part of my life, providing so many opportunities to expand leadership abilities. Being a part of FFA allowed me to become a better independent, responsible woman and has allowed me to meet so many more people!” Rydeen said.

People from all over come to the national conventions to celebrate being a part of FFA to explore other people’s views of agriculture.

“National convention is like a celebration of being in FFA. People get to recognize other people’s hard work; People from Alaska and even Puerto Rico had come to support and celebrate FFA and agriculture,” Rydeen said.

One of Rydeen’s favorite events is meeting with people to talk about what others opinions are on different matters in FFA.

“My favorite event we do is our meetings, they might not be big and crazy or something special every time but it allows our members to have their own opinions and be a part of something that matters,” Rydeen explained.

Bergmann also participates in public speaking as another way to stay active and learn more about openly speaking in front of others.

“I also do prepared public speaking because it’s super fun for me to talk in front of crowds it gives me a rush and i absolutely love it!” Bergmann added.

Degroot, Bergmann and Rydeen all claimed what their favorite part about being in FFA; is that they get to meet many new people and grow together to be better people.”

“My favorite part about FFA is the connections, it allows you to make other friends, and help others grow and mature. Being president has helped me and others not only become more confident within our chapter but help them feel comfortable also,” Rydeen said.