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Sophie Privette balances two winter sports

Sophie Privette balances two winter sports

Julia Bennett, Social Media Editor-in-Chief

December 15, 2019

Sophomore Sophie Privette began her skating career at the age of three. Over the past few years, she has taken her passion to the next level by joining the varsity performance team in eighth grade. However, she recently found an additional form of expression with the help of the Winter Cheval's dance...

Athletes transitioning from fall to winter sports

Nordic skiers that participate in nordic skiing primarily do cross country and mountain biking for their fall sport.  Cross country and biking helps maintain the endurance and muscle needed for the intense work needed for nordic skiing.  The girls nordic team is doing a light warm up to get ready for practice.  “Including captain practices for me I usually get a weekend between sports,” sophomore Siri Bohacek said.

Cole Lebourgeois, Copy Editor

November 18, 2015

Managing one sport can be a challenge all in itself, yet some athletes take on multiple sports at once. Students do fall sports, and once that sport is done, they move right onto their winter sport. Students can choose to participate in fall sports for fun or to feed their desire to be compet...

Nike vs Adidas basketball: shoe edition

Photo by Madi Schoenecker Photo featuring Nike Jordans, which along with many other Nike shoes are dominating the athletic shoe world. Patterson said,

Madi Schoenecker, Social Media Editor

December 1, 2014

Nike dominates the basketball shoe market with well over 90 percent.  Within the last two or three years, Adidas has become increasingly interested in the industry.  Adidas was founded in 1924 in Herzogenaurach, Germany while Nike was founded in 1964 in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.  True to their roots, Nike...

Afton Alps’ Spring Fling brings the party to the hill

Zak Mantel

March 15, 2014

Every year the winter season comes to an end, the snow melts, and ski resorts must close for the summer. However, Afton Alps enjoys giving one final hurrah before closing in their annual Spring Fling event. Held on Mar. 15, Spring Fling includes a barbecue, music, public race courses, obstacle cour...

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