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Springer’s students teach community technology skills

Junior Juliauna Belisle helped a community member with technology questions he had, so he can communicate with his family more efficiently March 6.
Jordyn Le Vasseur, Layout Editor March 15, 2019

Computer Science teacher Nicholas Springer recently brought a group of students to Community Thread to help senior citizens with technology questions. He met a few students on March 6 to discuss their...

Technology varies in impact on teen health

Technology varies in impact on teen health
Morgan Grim, Photography Editor May 20, 2018

Everyday, students include technology in their daily routine. Whether it’s checking Instagram or taking pictures, students use technology and screens a substantially large amounts. Although technology...

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school
Travis Jacobson, Social Media Reporter November 7, 2016

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, by their 50's, students who majored in a liberal arts degree earn about $2,000 more than students who majored in professional degrees....

Google introduces self-driving cars

Infographic by: Kaitlin Bloom
Kaitlin Bloom, Online editor April 7, 2016

For a long time, people have imagined a future free of driver's education, road tests, and maybe even accidents. Cars would drive themselves, independent of any human control. People would be able...

Futuristic robot shows real life characteristics

Futuristic robot shows real life characteristics
James Thompson, Read and Watch Video Editor February 9, 2016

From a glance one would see Nadine as any other ordinary person on the planet. She has brunette hair, brown eyes, and light skin. After awhile, the realization that she does not breath, blink, or move...

Snapchat rising above old-school text messaging

Tiana Meador, Online Editor December 24, 2015

As social media continues to pervade every element of day-to-day life, 'older' ways of communicating seem to lose popularity among the current generation. This allows for more exploration of newer...

Out with the old iPhone in with the new LG V10

Out with the old iPhone in with the new LG V10
Joslyn Reiche, Fashion Blog Editor December 6, 2015 LG released their LG V10 on Nov. 6. They have a daring catchphrase of being the 'unbreakable android.'...

Staff Editorial: technology distribution among students unequal

Staff Editorial: technology distribution among students unequal
Pony Express Staff March 30, 2015

Stillwater Area High School currently struggles in keeping up-to-date with technology due to a low budget. The school has a multitude of computers, but many of them do not meet the needs of students....

Rand: role of sports reporting evolving image of athletes

Photo by Rachel Steil
In the last few years sports reporting has changed drastically.  Social media is the main cause of this change. 
“What social media has done to reporters has sped us up,” Michael Rand said. “It’s made me think how we cover things now and what access we have to resources nonstop. Sure, it’s a lot more action filled but it is a lot more exciting.”
Emily Lodahl, Layout Editor February 1, 2015

The sports reporting world has taken a curve ball the past couple years according to Star Tribune’s digital sports editor, Michael Rand. The rise of social media has impacted how sports and athletes...

Joey Fedor takes lead on robotics team

Senior Joey Fedor is the president of the Robotics Team. He has a huge love for this club and the work that goes on. Joey Fedor said, “I joined robotics because my father is an engineer and my brother was captain of the team before me, seeing him working with these machines sparked a huge interest in the group.”
Jessica Thomas, Editor-in-Chief November 14, 2014

  Many teams here at Stillwater often go unnoticed but are secretly very successful. The Robotics team is no exception. Senior Joey Fedor is this year’s captain of the Robotics team. The adult...

Student technology when dollars run short

Press Photo District launches as soft BYOD for students this fall. Additional goals include increased staff and student machines.
Megan McGuire, Team Lead Editor September 30, 2014

Technology use has become a key part in learning. The decision to not supply as many new technology devices in classrooms leads students to have to add a technology device to their school supply list or...

Required back-up cameras will prevent accidents

Danny Ekstrand May 21, 2014

The revolution of the car is a never ending process, always changing and developing new products to make the car safer, sleeker and more accommodating. First, there was the horse and buggie and that soon...

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