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Long-Range Facility Planning Task Force need volunteers

Reccommendations made by the Long-Range Facility Planning Task Force volunteers will be presented to the school board throughout the year. This task force will ensure the safety of our facilities and district as a whole.

Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief

April 22, 2019

To better our district and community as a whole and furthermore better the future of our facilities in the district, volunteers will help make this possible. The district is covening new members for a Long-Range Facility Planning Task Force. This new wave of volunteering community members will include parents and staff w...

School board gathers as new team forms

School board elect Liz Weisberg had signs  placed all over the district and won 16.6 percent of the votes.

Chas Morgan, Layout Editor

November 20, 2018

The history of the school board has been a bumpy one and there has been conflict within the board and with families. "I think we've struggled the last three years since the decision to close schools, to work together as a board and move forward together. There's been some division and it seems lik...

School board candidates discuss key issues

Running school board candidates Mark Burns, Matthew Cooper, Jon Fila, Don Hovland, Shelley Pearson, Tina Riehle, and Liz Weisberg speak at a panel. They are campaigning for the four school board seats opening on December 31st, 2018.

Matt Moore, Podcast Reporter

October 23, 2018

Nov. 6 is election day across the country. Locally, seven candidates are running for the four open seats on the Stillwater School District School Board. Each candidate has the difficult task of addressing key issues Stillwater Schools is currently facing. Now that the calendar has flipped to Oct., that leaves approximately one month remaining until th...

New school board members elected this term

Photo by Jessica Thomas </strong><br />

Emily Ness, Video Anchor

November 17, 2014

The Stillwater School Board election was held on Nov. 4. This year, eight candidates ran for four seats. Incumbent Tom Lehman, re-elected for another term, said, “The election was great! I was honored to win and humbled that I was the top vote getter. I am looking forward to four more years o...

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Shelley Pearson