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New year brings new books for media center

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Rose Deziel, Copy Editor

January 8, 2018

From the beginning of this school year, the media paraprofessional, Mary Peters had been searching through an extensive list of books to find ones that would best suit the high school, in her opinion.  In the end, the list was narrowed down to about 60 books. With the list complete, Peters ordered th...

American English departments lack diversity

photo by Michael VanLieshout

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief

October 28, 2017

Amidst heated debates about immigration reform, protests which have somehow made the general populace throw the First Amendment out the window, and hate crime rates skyrocketing, public education coats an underlying element of racism: the canon. As a largely homogenous group of the so-called white male majori...

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