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Rachel’s challenge replaced with health initiative

Infographic by Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor, Distribution Reporter

November 16, 2016

Healthy eating, physical fitness, mental health specialists and anti-bullying campaigns all have one thing in common: they are all health initiatives. What’s special about health initiatives in schools is how they effect the students within the school in which the program is being used. Rachel's Challeng...

Oakland installing new tennis courts

Oakland Junior High School makes renovations to their tennis courts for $404 thousand.”The tennis court reconstruction is funded by lease dollars, which is only allowed to use on reconstruction of facilities not the general fund. We can’t use that money on the new courts, which is why we looked for alternative funding from the city,” Director of Operations Dennis Bloom explained.

Alex Eitzman

May 5, 2014

This summer, Stillwater School District is planning major renovations for Oakland Jr. High's tennis courts. The district is planning a $340 thousand project to repair the three existing courts, and build an additional three new ones behind those already built for $64 thousand. The district is also...

Ryan Laager presents ideas for new technology in schools

As new technology comes out much more often than back in the day. Administrators have started to decide that technology needs to update to keep intact with the courses. “There was a need that came to our attention that many of our elementary schools had a real deficiency in the area of technology,” said Ryan Laager.

March 6, 2014

When Oakland Junior High introduced the one-to-one idea, which gave a laptop to every student for the course of three years, it was the inspiration for many schools to begin providing internet devices for their students to use long-term outside of the school building.  Since then, Stillwater Area Schoo...

Communities ‘PowerUp’ with new district program

Juniors Brian Treacy, Madalyn Johnson and Matthew Treacy participate in physical activity at Oakland Junior High School to “PowerUp.”

Colin Peters

December 11, 2013

Swimming, exercise and hitting the weights are not uncommon things to encounter throughout the halls of Oakland Junior High School on a Thursday night. Many district schools like OJHS are opening up their hallways as well, making them free community centers on some evenings. These are only a part...

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