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Jessie Diggins continues to wow audiences with skiing successes

Diggins has come along way as a young female athlete and still holds a very bright future. Her hard work and dedication have brought her great success and will continue to do so. According to,

Kathleen Billingsley, Copy Editor

February 24, 2016

The wind blowing in her hair as gusts of swirling snow pelt her face, Jessie Diggins crosses the finish line. Former SAHS nordic ski member, Jessie Diggins, won the World Championship and competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Through hard work and perseverance, Diggins has accomplished what man...

Siri Bohachek has bright future in store

Sophomore Siri Bohachek climbs up a hill at the nordic state tournament last year for the girls teams third place finish.

Colin Gray, Reporter

December 24, 2015

The air is cold and creates wisps of breathe that flow through the air. The sudden shifts of movement only makes everything more nerve racking. As seconds are counted down by a coach with a watch in one hand and a starter gun in the other, five girls are lined up next to each other all in different...

VonEssen experiences team sports in American culture

Working among her fellow classmates, Fredrika enjoys her time in the U.S. away from Sweden. Having only been here seven weeks, she said,

Katelyn Weisbrod, Head Copy Editor

October 29, 2014

Senior Fredrika VonEssen knew from the time she was 12 years old that she wanted to study abroad. She arrived in Minnesota on Aug. 21, her new home for the next 10 months. “I wanted to go on a really big adventure,” said the Swedish exchange student. “I wanted to become fluent in English ...

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