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Mental Health Awareness signs and posters are hanging around the hallways of SAHS. Over the past decade, depression and anxiety has increased in students.

Reaching out during tough times is more important now than ever before

Charlie Valerius, Online Editor April 20, 2020

Throughout the entire world population, mental health has become a major worldwide concern. Over the past decade, depression and anxiety diagnoses have increased in the school population. The stress of...

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Back to school PSA shows new reality of going to school

Mia Lucido, Distribution Editor October 1, 2019

Gun violence, especially in schools, is a prevalent topic in today’s society. The Sandy Hook Promise Organization put out a video PSA entitled “Back to School Essentials” urging viewers to know...

Junior Parker Mock enjoys exercising to have a healthy mind, especially in the winter.

Mental health courses spread awareness

Annika Brown, Business Editor February 13, 2019

Mental illness and teen suicide rates are sharply rising. Concerns with the negative effects of social media, bullying in schools and school shootings have prompted parents and educators to think about...

Sophmores Emma Villarreal and Camryn Hartwig study for a chemistry test. They stay after school for extra help for multiple classes to understand their  work to their best ability.

Mental health issues rise in teens

Maria Supan, Business Editor January 5, 2019

Throughout the teen population, mental health has become a worldwide problem. Anxiety and stress can affect a teenager's daily lives, relationships with others and above all, physical health. An increasing...

EIC Column: peer counseling program long overdue

EIC Column: peer counseling program long overdue

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2018

With three deaths within three years in the Stillwater school district, the ISD 834 school board finally took the initiative to create a mental health program for middle and high school students. It's...

Photo republished with permisson from Stillwater Area High School

Paula O’Loughlin runs for State Representative

Kenzie Coyle, Layout Editor November 5, 2017

School board member Paula O’Loughlin has made many difficult decisions on the board, which has now led to her decision to run for State Representative. O’Loughlin has been a part of the school...

School start times take toll on mental health

School start times take toll on mental health

Ashlyn Aarness, Photographer December 2, 2016

Early morning and late, homework-filled nights. This is the life of a typical high school student. More and more schools are switching over to a later start time to increase productivity. Thought Exchange...

The Wellness Center is full of specialists who are eager to help. You can speak with a mental health expert, or a chemical therapist.

Wellness Center supporting self-change

Nick Carlson, Field Reporter February 10, 2016

High School is a time for students to have fun, lay down the final preparations for what they are going to do in life, and pursue their passions. Unfortunately sometimes this is not the case, simply...

Maintaining healthy lifestyle through body and mind

Rachel LeMire, Photographer February 27, 2015

Staying in shape can be a difficult task, especially during the cold winters that keep us inside. While some try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, others participate in rigorous exercise...

Photo by Natalie Gjermo

Government shooting away mental health concerns

Paul Hudachek May 21, 2014

Here is a question: how many people have to get shot before the nation starts critically considering the government’s system of dealing with mental health concerns? It is easy to chalk up each of the...

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