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Cat Clements influences comment with political involvement

Cat Clements supporting Alan Kantrud as she goes door knocking in Stillwater on a Sunday afternoon.

Allison Heintz, Layout Editor

November 10, 2016

As the final election debate comes to an end, many individual's political views and thoughts increase greatly. When thinking of a politically involved person, the image of a high school student doesn't pop into the mind, but for many students, Cat Clements is a junior very politically involved stu...

Powder puff game adds fun to homecoming

Juniors Sammy Aronson and Maya Yokanovich playing defense in the second half.  Aronson says,

Ryan Berg, SNO Sports editor

November 2, 2016

  One homecoming activity that people really have fun with is the Powder Puff football game. Senior girls take on the junior girls in a friendly but competitive game of flag football.  It is a homecoming tradition that brings the community together.  This year's game was played on Oct....

Students involve themselves in political clubs

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton debate is far from dissipating, and the Young Democrats and Youth Republicans clubs are just as far from agreeing on every issue. However, despite political differences, they are much more alike than many would think. When the Young Democrats and Youth Republican ...

Young Democrats reignite passion in politics

Craig Sanislo, Layout Editor

May 5, 2016

As the presidential election approaches and many students become of legal voting age, students have become more engaged and passionate than ever. Students have formed a club that they call the "Young Democrats". The club was started by junior Corri Gardner, a student who has been a passionate...

Concert Wind Symphony takes on the Kennedy Center

Dennis Lindsay conducts his band at the recent Wind Symphony concert. All eyes are on him as they play.

Grace Donner, Visual Arts Managing Editor

April 28, 2016

  The high school auditorium was resonating with the sounds of a symphony. The Concert Wind Symphony played their spring concert on April 17, which showcased all their work leading up to this point. The group played music they have been working on throughout the school year. Recently, t...

‘Making a Murderer’: killing it with fans

'Making a Murderer': killing it with fans

Craig Sanislo, Layout Editor

February 28, 2016

Since it was released in Dec, "Making a Murderer" has swept the nation. The Netflix original is a 10 part documentary covering the investigation and trial of a murder in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The documentary is centered around Steven Avery, the man who is accused of the crime. The case is o...

Mental health among teens, an exploration

Mental health among teens, an exploration

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

February 10, 2016

Mental illness is an extremely touchy subject that many prefer not to talk about.  There are many factors that contribute to mental illness, especially in high school students. According to, as children approach their teenage years, one in five 13-18 year olds have, or will have, a serious mental illness and fifty percent ...

Bieber rises with Purpose

Information Graphic by Noah Linder portraying the road to fame for Bieber.

Noah Linder, Podcast Editor

January 15, 2016

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is at it again. Coming back for his fifth studio album, Bieber’s Purpose is his way back into the big leagues after a two year album drought. Released on Nov. 13, 2015, Purpose sold 522,000 copies in one week. His comeback album features 13 songs and a total of 48 mi...

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