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Abundance of ways to stay warm in chilly Minnesota

The humble winter jacket is one of the most important things to wear to stay warm during winter. Today, most are expensive, therefore it is important to get one of high quality.  “I’d say my favorite season is fall, because it’s not snowing but you still get to wear nice jackets,” sophomore Carter Maas says.
Jonathan Rustad, Copy Editor January 14, 2016

When it comes to staying warm in the winter, everyone knows the basics. But when it comes to personal preference, students have a range of opinions on brands and clothing options.  Some of the most...

Yoga trend has students bending over backwards

Pure Yoga is one of the few yoga studios in the St. Croix Valley. They offer an array of classes for all experience levels. Senior Elise Hendrickson goes to yoga at Pure Yoga. “I love barre! Even though it's not necessarily a yoga class, the spiritual idea of connecting with your body still plays a huge role throughout the class. I also prefer traditional level two Vinyasa flow classes. I don't like hot yoga because I have trouble breathing in hot environments and I start to feel claustrophobic,” Hendrickson says.
Sarah Junko, Layout Editor December 24, 2015

Students are always looking for fun and new ways to stay fit. For students who do not participate in sports, exercising is often a difficult task. Yoga is a different way for students to relieve stress...

Sorel Boots kickin’ since 1962

Photo by Anna Craggs Sorel boots are more practical than the fashionable ugg boots, Winkelman said, “There is no comparison to be made between Sorels and Uggs. Sorels are well-made, reliable, and durable. They will survive extensive wear and tear for years and still retain their quality, while keeping your feet warm and supported.”
Marya Redmond, Team Lead December 21, 2014

With winter finally, here winter outfits start showing up in the hallways. One of the fashion trends that is back is Sorel boots. These boots are super good for trekking through the snow but also for around...

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Marya Redmond