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University of Wisconsin budget cuts feared by Minnesota students

Lexie Sherrick, Print Editor-In-Chief

March 30, 2015

Cutting millions of dollars from a university system budget is the greatest fear for many students and families.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposed a $300 million budget cut to the 13 four-year universities of the Wisconsin school system. The cuts would total 13 percent over the next two...

Staff Editorial: college applications, more than just scores

Infographic by Sam Hudachek

Pony Express Staff

November 19, 2014

No person wants to be a number. When being admitted to college, that is what students essentially are. Admission officers rank certain factors and give a person a number based off factors to see if the person would be a good fit for acceptance. Students are starting to wonder what qualities colleges...

Sisters take over the tennis court

The tennis team has been successful this year, showing that perhaps having sisters on the team makes working together easier.

Ross Stickler

October 16, 2013

Jenna and Lexie, Hannah and Lizzy, and Aliza and Kelia. All of these girls have very different lives, but they do share one thing in common: they are all pairs of sisters playing on the girl’s varsity tennis team this season. These sets of sisters are six of the 16 members on the varsity team ...

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Lexie Sherrick