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Key Club strives to serve community

Key Club members participated in making May Day baskets for teachers last year. The Key Club has over 90 members and meets every other Thursday in the main gym.

Soren Danelius, Layout Editor

March 14, 2019

Most students do not participate in community service, but those who do have a special space for community service join Key Club. The Key Club is a student-led community service club; they meet every other Thursday in the main gym after school. Dusty Dennis is the advisor of the club. The Key Club...

Wallace helps community, causes positive impact

Junior Jordan Wallace laughs to herself as she enjoys the comical atmosphere of a club meeting.

Kleio Vrohidis, Online Editor

December 21, 2016

  As she sits in the hairdressers chair, she watches her pony tail fall to the ground. The hairdresser asks for consent once again to make sure she is still willing to. The locks of brown, curly hair that once reached her lower ribs, are now just barely past her shoulders. Senior Jordan ...

Wallace continues community service involvement in Key Club

Wallace continues community service involvement in Key Club

Payton Fillipiak, Social Media Editor

December 5, 2016

Senior Jordan Wallace has always had an interest in helping the community in any way possible.  She is currently doing this by being a focused, organized president of Key Club. Wallace has always had in interest in volunteering. She started helping out  in the community when she was in elementary school an...

Builders Club improves community early on

The Kiwanis Club is the adult version of Key Club. They partner up with the Builders Club to help guide them in the right path. “Yes, we partner with the builders club and I think it’s a great idea because we all work together,” sophomore Sintra Nichols says.

Erin Lemanski, Photographer

May 10, 2016

  Serving the world one community at a time, that is what the Builders club at Stillwater Junior High School stands for. Their goal is to improve the community with the help of the Kiwanis club alongside them. The club aims to create service-minded students and provide leadership opportunities for ...

Key Club raises money for Guatemalan students

Giving a helping hand is always a heartwarming thing to do and,

Karisma Vang, Social Media Editor

December 6, 2015

 Key Club allows students to help out around the world, giving help to someone, one step at a time. The club is organized to assist students with community service hours and lend a hand to organizations.  This year, Key Club is doing something heartwarming that fills people's hearts with kin...

Key Club reaches goal of largest student participation

A Thursday morning student led meeting

Alex Schwarz, Distribution Reporter

October 13, 2015

Key Club lots of people don't know what it is, and no they don't make or collect keys. The club is striving to be the largest club this year, even surpassing NHS, and they're already at 80 members and counting. "Key" is short for Kiwanis, an international nonprofit organization that is sponsorin...

Key Club grows to 200 members

Key club is student led with 7 leaders

Olivia Weirtz, In-Studio Anchor

October 5, 2015

Many people have no idea what Key Club is, some know that it is a community service organization, but few people realize Key Club has grown from 20 members to over 100 in just two years. Until two years ago, there was no club based solely on community service. Then, Kiwanis, an adult communit...

Staff Editorial: students need to take responsibility in cafeteria

Staff Editorial: students need to take responsibility in cafeteria

Pony Express Staff

February 13, 2015

Culture can mean a lot to a specific group of people or tightly bound community. At Stillwater Area High School, it is no different. The atmosphere and culture surrounding the school is inviting, it can be see through thriving students with outstanding ACT scores and grade point averages. Students already seem...

Key Club hosts ‘Service Binge’ to support the community

Key Club hosts 'Service Binge' to support the community

Allie Langness, Online Editor

February 6, 2015

Last year when Key Club was formed there were 15 active members. This year, that number rose tremendously. Currently, there are over 80 members signed up and around 50 active participants. This year it was decided there would be a Service Binge planned. This is similar to the 30-hour famines t...

Varsity letter in community service introduced

Photo by Caitlin Rademacher </strong><br />
The varsity letter will be an addition to the front of a student’s letter jacket for the students to proudly display their hard work and effort put into the community.

Mackenzie Bottolfson, Copy Editor

December 1, 2014

Students may notice a new icon on the letter jacket this year.  Along with many other changes imposed for the 2014-15 school year, there is a new varsity letter for community service.  The award requires students to complete 100 hours of  volunteer service in a time span of 12 months, with the exception...

Key Club growing to make an impact

Key Club members stay after a home football game to clean the bleachers to raise money for the club

Alan Hehr, Team Lead Editor

October 13, 2014

There is a club at Stillwater Area High School that is created to help out in the community and the school called Key Club. Key Club is a world renowned club that is run by students at the high school level that want to help not only the community, but themselves in the process.  Last year, Key...

Key Club replaces SADD

Key Club leaders Hannah Crawford and Kelia Demming are excited for what the future holds for their club.

Katie Wilmes

November 6, 2013

Dedicated to instilling leadership, character building, care and inclusiveness into America’s youth, Key Club is a worldwide organization that has recently been added to Stillwater Area High School’s list of clubs. Key Club is put in place of SADD, or students against destructive decisions, and is ...

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