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BARR and AVID receive additional integration funding

Students sit around a whiteboard in AVID as they help their classmate with a math problem. This activity is what AVID teachers call tutorials, the goal being to help students pick apart a question to determine what it is that they do not understand. Teachers believe that this strategy has benefits for all students.

Elle Guggenberger, Graphics Editor

March 1, 2020

Schools take pride in making students feel comfortable coming into their building to learn every day. Stillwater has implemented many programs which allow students to gain support from staff and other students in the journey to their achievements. Two of these programs are Building Assets and Reducin...

Technology access necessary for education equality

Juniors Elliana Linn and Trisha Jacobson collaborate on an online assignment. With the growth of technology, this type of assignment is becoming more popular.

Natalie Williams, Photography Editor

February 26, 2020

Around the globe, technology is becoming more and more heavily relied on. Jobs, classes and homework have turned from paper to virtual in an instant. While creating online assignments assists teachers in faster grade returns, it creates challenges for students who are unable to access technology at their homes...

B.A.R.R. program improves freshmen relationships

Freshman Chance Swenson works on his I Time project. He plans to share this with his team in the up-coming weeks.

Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor

May 10, 2019

Ninth grade students began filling the halls in August 2017. As the school and its student population grew larger, teachers and staff have been working to create a close-knit community amongst the students, specifically the new freshman. With the B.A.R.R. program, the staff strives to bond with students on not only an acad...

Committee reexamines grading practices and policies

The schoolwork students have to struggle with piles up. It can be hard to keep so many things in mind all at once. It absorbs life.

Elise Truman, Online Editor

November 18, 2018

“Someone's intelligence or how hard they're working in a class shouldn’t be defined only in a series of numbers and letters,” sophomore Ellie Capra said. Education is imperative to the success of a society, but some students and teachers are not convinced the current testing approach is effecti...

1:1 computer access increases academic performance

Having computer access outside of school can help academically for students.

Marlee McGuire, Social Media Editor

November 10, 2018

Applying the use of technology in educational settings is an expectation in schools today. One to one implies that each full-time student is issued a laptop for both home and school use. Some may purely think that having a computer for school work is convenient. The bigger question is, how accessible are...

Pupungatoa nominated as Education Minnesota Teacher of the Year candidate

Press Photo Stillwater Schools

Emmanuel Kamara, Distribution Reporter

March 10, 2017

Katy Pupungatoa is a teacher at  Oak-Land junior high school. She is a mother of six and teacher to almost every student who went to Oak-Land junior high. Pupungatoa works as a science teacher has earned herself a shot at becoming the Education Minnesota Teacher of the Year 2017. Pupungatoa has bee...

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Katy Pupungatoa