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Steil finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Steil finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Kyah LaBancz, Online Editor

April 2, 2015

With medium length blonde hair, a petite frame and a fashion forward wardrobe, Language Arts teacher Rachel Steil stands in front of the classroom wearing a welcoming, but firm stance. Steil, always being clear with the expectations she has for her students, goes over the schedule in place for...

District security reforms ensure student safety

District security reforms ensure student safety

Joe Rice, Team Lead

January 17, 2015

Since the fall of 2014, schools in Stillwater have been improving the safety of both their staff and students. The high school is certainly no exception. Any student or visitor that arrives at the school after 7:40 a.m. will be met with a vast array of new danger detectors. This use of new technol...

Censorship and decency becoming old-fashioned values

Joe Rice, Team Lead Editor

December 10, 2014

In recent years, more and more nudity, vulgarity and utter lack of refinement has surfaced in the public eye. With each passing day, another tasteless photo is posted online, a new swear word is allowed on television and the fashion industry grows richer and more powerful, though it would appear they...

Social media: friend or foe?

Joe Price, Online Editor

December 6, 2014

Walking through the hallways, students have a healthy conversation with friends. Although often times, they are motionless, looking towards the ground with a blank expression and wide eyes. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are the alternative schedule on student's minds during school. Over the past...

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