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Dungeons and Dragons club rolls for a natural 20

Dungeons and Dragons club debate over semantics. Pictured from left to right are junior Rowan Bell-Myers, senior Nathan Breisler, and senior Aztlan Sanchez. The other two members, senior Tyhlir Lowry and junior Aaron Mozey were not present at the session on Feb. 12. The adventuring frequently gets side-tracked when someone brings up memes or the practicalities of magic in real life.

Q.C. Ho, Editorial Cartoonist

March 13, 2019

"It was probably one of the more fun experiences I've ever had," senior Nathan Breisler said. Breisler was about 12 years old when he got into Dungeons and Dragons. His brother's group needed a tank, so he coerced a younger Nathan into joining. The older Breisler compared D&D to a video game Nat...

Trump’s negotiations during second summit – pointless

Trump and Kim Jong Un shake hands with smiling faces on Feb. 27. Both leaders had 10 days to prepare for their second meeting compared to their first with two months of preparation time.

Issy Boegel, Copy Editor

March 5, 2019

The first U.S. and North Korean summit left tensions between the U.S. and North Korea looking more positive than the country has ever seen, or so we thought. On Feb. 28, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un held a second summit in Hanoi, Vietnam. Trump met with Jong Un to discuss the disarmament...

The only thing to hate is hate itself

A German synagogue left to burn, no firefighters will come. Nov. 1938, similar attacks are being carried out across Germany on the night known as Kristallnacht. Last October the shooting of a synagogue in Pittsburgh shows that antisemitism is still present despite the defeat of Nazi Germany.

Q.C. Ho, Editorial Cartoonist

December 8, 2018

Late October, America watched as news of bomb threats to prominent Democrats and the shooting of a synagogue showed horrors we did not expect from Halloween. The antisemitism and hate Americans fought against in World War II has now resurfaced in our own country. We the people have a duty to stop hate in ...

Feminism club resumes to promote equality

Photo taken by Chloe Squires

Linnea Phillips, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 26, 2018

When the Feminism Club opened for students in the 2016-2017 school year, leaders were excited and ready for any and all activities planned for the students interested in the club. However, dissension and disagreements on what the club meant and what it should do caused the leaders to shut the club down....

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