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Music festivals display unique fashion

Soundset and other modern musical festivals can oftentimes show off the weirder side of people and society through the clothing choices of the audience and performers. “Today it is not uncommon to see anything under the sun, or little of anything, on stage and in the audience,” Band Director Dennis Lindsay says.

Kai Knudson, Copy Editor

April 28, 2016

Music, as a highly-expressive art form, tends to bring out a certain artsy atmosphere and personality to those around it, for the performers as well as the audience. Festivals tend to be places of new and interesting fashion choices. These dress choices represent what people listen to and where th...

Debate team argues their way to state

 When gathering research, especially from the internet, credentials can get questionable and that’s one the times when the four captains step in to make sure that the information is liable.“Personally, I’d say I did a good job with making sure everything was prepared for the team,” senior and captain Jack Franz says. During a break between rounds, juniors Haley Tholen (left) and Owen Sutherland (right) laugh with senior Jack Franz as they prep for the upcoming round.

Brianna Halverson, Social Media Reporter

January 12, 2016

  Desks had been arranged on one side of the classroom in the direction of the judge and spectators were to occupy the other half of the room. Nervous hands were wrung, and the last minute preparations slowed until all that could be heard was the judge’s pencil scratching the debaters’ names into hi...

Star Wars Battlefront forces into action

Star Wars Battlefront forces into action

Nathan Novotny, Social Media Editor

December 5, 2015

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars made its debut to the world. The day was May 25, 1977 when the famous series first hit the theaters. An immense 22 years later, the prequels debut and are just as popular. The year is now 2015, 16 years later after the prequels and 38 after the original...

Walker Art Center produces Rock the Garden line up

Tiffany Horwath, Team Lead Editor

April 30, 2015

On June 2o and 21 bands will be taking over the stage at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. 10 bands from Minnesota -- punk legends to rock-and-roll history icons -- will be performing at this two day music festival. Rock the Garden is an annual musical festival that was first started by the art center in 1998. By 2008 the fe...

Social Justice Club promotes awareness of social issues

Social Justice Club promotes awareness of social issues

Madie Woltman, Social Media Editor

April 29, 2015

One club, started last year that is still fairly new to students, is Students for Social Justice. The Social Justice Club is not only a club, but a place where students can go to discuss their opinion on social justice issues. They do so every Tuesday and will attend workshops out of school at other tim...

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar explodes in popularity

Black was once known as Muddsuckers, a coffee shop located in the south east Como neighborhood. It was owned by Brad Cimaglio, one of the creators of Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar. According to their website,

Jordan Fulin, Team Lead

February 12, 2015

  Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, the former Mudsuckers on 15th and Como Avenue near the U of M campus, has been re-branded, re-vamped, and now is reopened. The switch to Dogwood Coffee with all the hardware and training that comes along with it means this little place in the Como neighborhood...

Social media: friend or foe?

Joe Price, Online Editor

December 6, 2014

Walking through the hallways, students have a healthy conversation with friends. Although often times, they are motionless, looking towards the ground with a blank expression and wide eyes. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are the alternative schedule on student's minds during school. Over the past...

Adam Levine’s fashion line launches at Kmart

Jasmine Amos

December 10, 2013

Named sexiest man of the year by People Magazine, Adam Levine doesn’t just sing, and host television shows. He’s onto even more things now. Soon after releasing the cologne 222, Adam Levine is now releasing a clothing line at Kmart with very decent prices. Fans may not be able to be the sexiest man...

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