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“Wait, are you the Rock girl?” Katie Kelzenberg’s promposal garners big attention

Kelzenberg poses with the Rampage sign before watching the movie with 11 close friends.

Photo Courtesy: Allied Integrated Marketing & Warner Bros. Pictures

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief

May 2, 2018

''She gets recognized everywhere. Like, 'You're that girl. Congratulations.' We were at the theater and some random old people came up and took pictures on their cell phones. An old man said, 'Are you, like, the rock girl?'A lot of people think she won a contest," Katie's self-described bodyguard and...

Remembering Parkland victims with walkout, demanding safety

Seniors Maggie Jones, Chelsea Lai and Hannah Gilsdorf light 17 candles for the 17 Parkland victims during the March 14 walkout.

Mira LaNasa, Print Editor-in-Chief

March 16, 2018

One student stood halfway up a half-frozen snow bank with three peers, megaphone in hand, while three others crouched on the cement below, using blue and red lighters to light white tea lights in glass votives. “Alyssa Alhadeff, 14,” senior Erica Lemcke began. “Scott Beigel, 35,” she continued...

NPR radio features CIS choir

SAHS choir in front of the Ordway to record two songs for the NPR radio station on Sunday December 4th. Photos courtesy of Angela Mitchell.

Andria Barrett, Photographer

January 8, 2017

Dec. 4 the College in the Schools, (CIS) choir was chosen to have two of their songs aired on the radio. The class traveled to the Ordway in St. Paul to record Tykus Tykus, a Lithuanian folk song by Vaclovas Augustinas and Alleluia by Fredrik Sixten. At 3 p.m. their songs aired on the popular NPR Classical S...

Zach Sawyer conducts first orchestra concert

Orchestra conductor Zach Sawyer conducts his first concert in the Stillwater district.

Sam DiStefano, Photographer

December 7, 2015

As the orchestra students walked on stage for the first time on Nov. 12, they were nervous. For some it was their first time playing on this stage. But this was also the first time Zach Sawyer has conducted his own orchestra. Not just one orchestra either, he conducted three orchestras and also got ...

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