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Mary Peters leaves lasting impact on students

Alternative Copy Story by Abby Banks

Abby Begin, Field Reporter

April 27, 2018

Stillwater Area High School lost a beloved colleague, friend, mother and media center paraprofessional in March. Mary Peters passed away in March at age 54 after a a two-year battle with a secondary cancer. Peters always had a smiling face that every student encountered when they entered the libra...

Choir shows dedication to singing

The annual winter concerts preview a variety of musical ensembles and their work throughout the year. The Stillwater Choir performs in 3 concerts with the other Concert music ensembles towards the end of December. “It’s a really amazing thing that we do. That we start from nothing, like a piece of paper with back dots and every day discover problems, and solutions until you get the this moment where you’re in front of an audience and are sharing this emotional connection to the music and each other and all of the battle you went through to get there and it’s that moment in time where you just make music,”  choir director Angela Mitchell said.

Madison Weispfenning, Editorial Cartoonist

January 2, 2018

Sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones, and bass’ are working hard to show their dedication to singing. The Stillwater Choir proves that they are more than just a choir. Not only do they have in class rehearsals, but they also have sectionals once a week at 7 a.m. Though many hate to wake up early, these students do...

NPR radio features CIS choir

SAHS choir in front of the Ordway to record two songs for the NPR radio station on Sunday December 4th. Photos courtesy of Angela Mitchell.

Andria Barrett, Photographer

January 8, 2017

Dec. 4 the College in the Schools, (CIS) choir was chosen to have two of their songs aired on the radio. The class traveled to the Ordway in St. Paul to record Tykus Tykus, a Lithuanian folk song by Vaclovas Augustinas and Alleluia by Fredrik Sixten. At 3 p.m. their songs aired on the popular NPR Classical S...

New choir teacher Angela Mitchell hits high note

The bell has rung, and Mrs. Mitchell begins taking the students through Warm-ups, to prepare everyone's voice for a rehearsals worth of singing. She has her own style of running the choir through warm-ups, usually including some variation of a scale or pattern to both prepare students' voices and their minds to learn. Her reason for warm-ups is not only to prepare, but

Jack DeGonda, Social Media Editor

November 6, 2016

Last year, after 28 years of directing the Stillwater choir, Erik Christiansen retired. His absence raised the question of who will take his place? There's no doubt that thought had been given to this question before, and there were many people eager and hopeful that they could receive the responsibili...

Mitchell fills big shoes with choir

Mitchell fills big shoes with choir

Kalley Lewis, Copy Editor

October 4, 2016

Choir director Angela Mitchell is following in the footsteps of Erik "Doc" Christiansen in directing The Stillwater Choir. The Stillwater Choir is a large ensemble of high level singers that has been conducted by Erik Christiansen since 1988. With the announcement of his retirement last spring, came a lot o...

Doc retires from teaching choir after 28 years

Doc retires from teaching choir after 28 years

Cailey Boisvert, Social Media Reporter

May 5, 2016

Dr. Erik Christiansen has made a tremendous impact on the musical excellency at Stillwater Doc gave his last home concert on Tuesday April 26th, and over 200 Stillwater alumni came to celebrate the end of his 28 years at Stillwater schools. The alumni sang a piece by Rene Clausen that was commiss...

Joel Bryan leads band as new director

After a vigorous practice session Caroline Alessi takes a stretch break to renew her tired muscles and get ready to play again. 
</strong><br /> Photo By Lily Marchan

Jonathan Rustad, Copy Editor

October 5, 2015

It's a tough time for all teachers, and the band department is no exception.  Joel Bryan, a band teacher is joining the music staff to help alleviate some of the problems. Bryan helps out with the Varsity Band, and in addition he helps at Lily Lake and Stonebridge elementary.  A new teacher was n...

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