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The past and present success of the boys Cross Country team

Boys Cross Country team lines up as they prepare for their race this August.

Lucas Braun, Social Media Editor

October 26, 2015

The boys cross country team had been extremely successful in the past and still is today. They have won multiple state titles, regional tournaments, they have even competed in national tournaments and they continue to have great success every year. They have been so successful for so long partly d...

Boys cross-country team fights for victory

Senior John Huntley, one of the top  runners for Stillwater, pushes his hardest to finish strong in the Minnesota State Championships.

Jessica Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

November 19, 2014

They lace up their spikes as they approach the starting line. As they do their final run outs, they strategize on how they want to run their race. The starter walks to the center of the field. Ready! The boys approach the starting line. Set! They bend their knees in anticipation. Go! The herd of boys fly onto ...

Cross country boys strive to retain title

The boy’s cross country team continues to do well despite losing many valuable runners from last year.

Fiona Montie

October 17, 2013

Finishing with the lead they started with, the cross country boys team managed to pull through the race with a win once again. Standing amongst the crowd of proud parents, teammates and other curious supporters at the finish line, it is common to hear quips such as “Wait, isn’t the Stillwater boys cross c...

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