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Amnesty club holds Hygiene Drive for local charities

Infographic showing the most important things you need to know about the upcoming hygiene drive.

Ashlyn Aarness, Photo Editor

November 5, 2016

The Amnesty International Club will host a hygiene drive at school toward the end of October. Items will be brought in to help local families in need of personal products. Donations are not required, but are much appreciated. The week after MEA break, students will be collecting hygiene items. ...

School board considers advisory for incoming ninth grade students

Meyer's morning advisory class meets to kick the day off.

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

October 10, 2016

From the BOLD transition to the middle school transitions, the district community is feeling the affects of District 834’s new changes. With the transition of ninth graders into Stillwater Area High School, administration is considering implementing advisory. This proposal is being considered b...

Lady Gaga’s pops with new album

Lady Gaga's pops with new album

Cassie Hansen, In Studio Anchor

February 11, 2016

Lady Gaga over the years has made a name for herself as a pop icon. Her ability to remain a relevant artist since her debut album in 2008, The Fame, is testimony to her ability to sing catchy pop songs and her uninhibited taste in clothing. Although it has been 2 years since her most recent releas...

Key Club raises money for Guatemalan students

Giving a helping hand is always a heartwarming thing to do and,

Karisma Vang, Social Media Editor

December 6, 2015

 Key Club allows students to help out around the world, giving help to someone, one step at a time. The club is organized to assist students with community service hours and lend a hand to organizations.  This year, Key Club is doing something heartwarming that fills people's hearts with kin...

Gender neutral bathrooms, next step in transgender equality

Senior Mary Norkol enters a male oriented bathroom in a Caribou Coffee.

Joe Rice, Print Editor-in-Chief

October 15, 2015

Transgender equality has become a vocal debate in the recent months, and what seemed to be a far off issue is starting to creep closer to home. With former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner changing his name to Caitlyn Jenner and identifying as a woman, the fight for transgender equality has taken a step into t...

Grungy and versatile, boyfriend jeans bring back simplicity

 Photo by Calli Clay  
 Sophomore Ava Coleman said,

Calli Clay, Social Media Editor

April 13, 2015

For many years, mom jeans, otherwise known as boyfriend jeans, were seen as something only mothers should be wearing. However, in today’s fashion world, boyfriend jeans are the next greatest thing. Mom or boyfriend jeans are jeans that have a looser fit with a chic look. They come in all sorts ...

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