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Amnesty International collects hygiene products

Boxes filled to the brim are collected by Amnesty Club to be sorted.

Ellie Faeth, Layout Editor

March 30, 2017

Amnesty Club finds so much joy in collecting hygienic necessities for people who have trouble accessing or buying items for themselves and their family. Following Valley Outreach and their "Help for the Homeless" hygiene drive, the club took it upon themselves to ask students to donate items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other care products and brin...

Closing Guantanamo Bay to benefit economy

Closing Guantanamo Bay to benefit economy

Lily Marchan, Online Editor

April 7, 2016

Seven years ago, when President Barack Obama took office, he vowed to close the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay. Now, as President Obama pushes his proposal forward, it is met with a strong partisan opposition. Guantanamo Bay no longer is a benefit to the United States. Obama must continue t...

Amnesty International finds healthy alternatives

The brand new popcorn machine that was going to be used this year. Students don't want to see the popcorn machine go. Senior Erica Oren said,

Cassie Hanson, Photographer

October 15, 2015

A new policy regarding the sale of unhealthy foods may impact student groups and their sales. As Amnesty International found out after attempting to sell popcorn as a fundraiser, there is a new school policy banning the sale of unhealthy foods during school hours. This rule could have serious eff...

New presidents for Amnesty International

Two members of the Amnesty International Club posted up in the Upper rotunda informing students on the petitions they can sign.

Robby Enright, Distribution Reporter

April 28, 2015

Stillwater’s branch of Amnesty International is responsible for charity fundraisers around the school as well as their main event, celebrating International Human Rights Day. Behind every successful event are the students who dedicate hours of their time to making the world a better place. The presi...

Amnesty International presents on human rights

Human Rights Day is an event that takes place around the world and is hosted by the Amnesty Club on December 10 each year.

Robby Enright, Distribution Reporter

December 21, 2014

  Basic freedoms are often taken for granted in American society and many people around the world will never know what it is like to feel comfortable and safe. Amnesty International is a global organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of people of all races, genders, sexual p...

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