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Survival guide to sophomore year

Survival guide to sophomore year

Megan McGuire, Online Editor-In-Chief

October 23, 2015

Walking through busy halls buzzing with people, finding new classes, seeing and meeting new people each day. Getting new teachers, meeting new friends at a new school with a new atmosphere. The 2018 sophomore class consists of 699 students getting to know their way around the high school while learni...

Words from the wise: advice to underclassmen

Upperclassmen have life knowledge that can be deemed very useful for sophomores and juniors. Junior Ali Reardon said, “The best piece of advice I have learned was to remember to not only learn for school but for life.

Allie Langness, Online Editor-In-Chief

May 18, 2015

In a short couple of months, the seniors will be leaving to go their separate ways, and they will be venturing off to begin the next adventures in their lives. Before they leave, they will make some of the best memories of their high school years. Upperclassmen have life knowledge that can be deemed...

School related stress spurs anxiety

Kenzie Monson

October 19, 2013

Many students struggle with stress and anxiety that comes from school. There are other factors that lead to stress, such as bullying or the different cliques at school. Homework, however, also causes a major impact. There are a lot of different school related pressures that can often stress out students...

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