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Staff Ed: FACS classes needed in middle schools

Skills like baking, cooking and other aspects of the kitchen are among some of the most important parts of a FACS class. In recent years, the amount of classes offered to students has dwindled.

Mairin Torgerson, Photographer

February 21, 2020

Over the past few decades, the number of middle school students who have taken a FACS, (family and consumer science) class has dwindled. In many schools across the nation, it is no longer a required course, or even offered as an elective. FACS classes deal with life skills such as nutrition, food...

eLearning Days keep students learning during snow days

Schoology is an online tool used by students and teachers. Students use Schoology to access courses online. Teachers are able to upload assignments students can do on e-days.

Pony Express Staff

November 26, 2019

  E-Learning or flex days will be implemented this school year. Students can do an assignment virtually on snow or cold days when they will not be in school. This is to prevent adding on days to the end of the school year when students would have to make up the school lost on snow days, and to keep students learning...

Staff Editorial: uniforms and dress code impact students

As a part of the dress code, students are not allowed to wear their hood up during school for safety reasons. Along with hoodies, students are also not allowed to wear any clothing pieces and show shoulders, or any other revealing items.

Pony Express Staff

April 27, 2019

There has always been controversy with the educational outcome between students at schools that do wear uniforms and schools that do not. People believe that uniforms can lead to fewer distractions to students and they can focus more on their education. Although people believe that, students overall w...

Students ‘pee’ved over new bathroom security policy

Signs posted outside all bathrooms, warning of the new bathroom use policy.

Pony Express Staff

April 8, 2019

While walking the halls, keep an eye out for the locked bathroom doors with ‘See Something, Say Something’ QR codes taped up over them. Notice kids wearing yellow shirts, sweatshirts and pins. Watch for teachers and security guards who watch back as kids enter the bathroom. All are effects of new rules tha...

Flu shot necessary to keep everyone healthy

Junior Abby Lee goes to get her yearly flu shot at her local CVS pharmacy. Flu shots are recommended to get at the start of the flu season, but can still be received until the end of theflu season.

Pony Express Staff

December 5, 2018

Some say they are toxic, that they make people sick and are unsafe for people to get. Others say they are necessary and help keep individuals healthy. So what do flu shots really do for us? Flu shots are a necessary vaccine, and for those who can get one should receive every year. They keep the pop...

Building entry times changed to increase security

Students stand patiently by the locked doors before 7:10, waiting for to be released into the building and begin the day.

Pony Express Staff

October 27, 2018

As students walk towards the school doors ready to enter the building for the day, they are stopped when the door does not open and a staff member comes out to tell them they have to wait. The school policy, newly enforced this year, does not permit students to enter the building before 7:10 a.m....

Staff Editorial: year round schooling a waste of time

Staff Editorial: year round schooling a waste of time

Pony Express Staff

April 25, 2018

Since public schools started in America, the usual school year ends right before summer. This gives students and teachers a three month break of summer vacation in between the school year. Over time, people have challenged this school year normativity by starting year round schools that do not inclu...

Staff Editorial: pushing back bell times detrimental

Students with a longer school day would have to take on even more outside of school work. This would mess up sport schedules along with other after school programs.

Pony Express Staff

March 12, 2018

These days, it is a common sight to watch hundreds of tired students shuffle into school every morning.  During the winter, the sun hasn’t even fully risen; temperatures are below freezing for most of the school year.  This scenario has lead administrators to question the time at which schools begin...

Staff Editorial: Upperclassmen seek priority with tickets

Photo taken by Hailey Willius.

Pony Express Staff

March 1, 2018

Snoball, one of the most popular dances for Stillwater students, took place on Jan. 20, with tickets sold out well before then. The dance was held at the JX Event Center, where the maximum capacity is 720 people, meaning tickets were limited to under one third of the student body. Because of this,...

Staff Editorial: Paying for Pony Activity Center generates pushback

Staff Editorial: Paying for Pony Activity Center generates pushback

Pony Express Staff

December 22, 2017

This year, Stillwater Area High school opened its new multi-million dollar athletic facility, known as the Pony Activity Center (PAC).  The new facilities - which include an indoor track, weight rooms, gymnastics and basketball gyms - had teams and individual athletes excited.  It’s not hard to see...

Staff Editorial: purse and bag restrictions unfairly affect innocent students

Editorial Cartoon by Madison Weispfenning

Pony Express Staff

October 19, 2017

As students line up to enter the Pony Stadium for another exciting football game with bags in hands and on backs to hold items, they are faced with security telling them they cannot bring those bags inside. The stadium policy, more strictly enforced this year, does not permit items such as bags, purses, w...

Staff Editorial: School vouchers are unfair to public school students

Staff Editorial: School vouchers are unfair to public school students

Pony Express Staff

May 1, 2017

In Minnesota, students can use school vouchers to help them afford private schools by paying for a part of the tuition. During 2016 alone Minnesota spent $35 million on school vouchers. This equals almost half of a percent of the States public school budget. It is not fair for students to use money ...

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