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Leos is a local Stillwater business that is often a popular place to eat during the summer. Their patio is currently undergoing construction to renovate the area.

Local businesses remodel for spring

Sophia Arndt, Photography Editor March 29, 2021

Two popular businesses in Stillwater, Starbucks ((651) 275-8926) and Leo’s, shut their doors to the public for spring renovations. Leo's began their planning and renovations in late August, planning...

 Myth is usually where Prom is held every year, but will not likely be there this year due to safety precautions.

Due to COVID 19, prom open to seniors only

Olivia Fear, Copy Editor March 18, 2021

This year, prom will look quite different because it will only be for seniors, which has never happened before. Prom will not take place until the end of May, but students are apprehensive about what to...

Members of the prom committee meet on March 10. Because of the pandemic, planning has become more difficult than in years past, but those involved have remained determined to give students a memorable prom.

Prom committee plans prom with COVID restrictions

Sierra Penning, Social Media Editor March 17, 2021

For the American high schooler, prom is a highly anticipated event. Dressing up, spending time with friends and dancing the night away can be the highlight of many teenagers' high school careers. Sadly,...

SAHS has counselors in all pony centers. Here guidance counselors Becky Hopper and Sandy Weaver working in their offices on February 24, 2021.

Counselors provide services in new ways during pandemic

John Piekarski, Podcast Reporter March 5, 2021

Since their creation in the late 1800s, school counselors have almost exclusively interacted with students during in-person meetings. Now, for the first time in history, counselors are only able to interact...

Special education teacher Dusty Dennis received the Covid-19 vaccine on Jan. 28 in the Twin Cities to help prevent himself and others from getting Covid-19. This vaccination card is a record of getting the vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccine prioritizes teachers

Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor March 5, 2021

“I have an additional line of defense against COVID, and also the thought of just doing things that I have not done in, you know, over a year like. Like, hug my parents you know when they are able to...

The district website was released on Jan. 12 after over a year of redesigning by district staff. The site is fully accessible, mobile-friendly, and has a quick translate option located in the bottom right corner.

District implements new website

Nissa Wilcox, Layout Editor March 5, 2021

The Stillwater Area School District released a new website in January which looks far different than the old and dated website from previous years. The new website features a quick links tab for families...

Local 3M worker stands outside a 3M building. This building has active workers inside. It is one of many locations that will be laying workers off.

3M Lays Off Nearly 3,000 Employees Worldwide

Alexander Lamsam, Podcast Reporter January 24, 2021

“Especially because people don't know, it does create a lot of stress. My advice is always: you just don't want to borrow the stress, ‘til it happens to you, and then you have to figure it out. But...

Downtown Stillwater has become decorated with lights. This scene is on Chestnut street looking towards the river.

Stillwater businesses light up the city

January 18, 2021

 It may have only been one year since the city was last dressed in lights, but for many it felt like an eternity. It is no controversial statement to say 2020 has been a rough year, and even the holiday...

Superintendent Malinda Lansfeldt speaks during the Dec. 17 from prepared speech.

School board approves Lansfeldt’s one-year contract

Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief December 23, 2020

After two weeks of political and volatile reactions from the community, the School Board approved a motion on Dec. 17 to offer a one-year contract to hire Interim Superintendent Malinda Lansfeldt beyond...

The school board, as well as student council leaders, met via zoom on Nov. 5. to make the distance learning decision. After a long discussion, the board decided that distance learning will take effect starting Nov. 16.

School Board prioritizes safety in new learning model decision

Olivia Bystrom, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2020

Much like last year, the in-person learning model must come to an end. With Washington County’s rapidly rising cases of Covid-19, and over 6,000 confirmed cases in total and climbing, the safety of schools...

Emily Carrillo  scrolls through TikTok last night, coming across a Harry Potter related video due to it trending on social media platforms.

Harry Potter trends on TikTok because of J.K Rowling’s transphobic tweets

Danna Carrillo, Playlist Reporter December 4, 2020

Harry Potter has recently been trending again all over social media, but not for a good reason. Author and creator of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling, wrote a few inappropriate and transphobic tweets, which...

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds reopens with the Glow Light Festival

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds reopens with the Glow Light Festival

Parker Gilchrist, Online Editor December 3, 2020

The Minnesota State Fairgrounds has reopened and includes a new event called the Glow Light Festival, a mile-long drive-thru for anyone to admire Christmas lights, ice sculptures, and more. The Minnesota...

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