The Pony Express

Students work on computers in a crowded classroom.

Office hours change to help students succeed

Shannon Pothen , Layout Editor February 23, 2022

Over the past two years, students have been falling behind in classes, especially this year when students and teachers have to stay out of school for days because of positive COVID cases. It seems like...

Robert Bach watches as students got to class

Bach “tightens the screws”, reinforces old rules

Tyler Quade, Business Editor and Copy Editor January 16, 2022

After almost two years outside of school, reports of behavioral problems and faltering grades have been on the rise. Students have grown accustomed to the freedom of Zoom classes, and may have forgotten...

Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter, open since 1966, is officially closing on Dec. 19. The restaurant will be sold to a new owner who will hopefully keep the classic German theme.

Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter changes management

Ava Stein, Graphics Editor and Online Editor January 10, 2022

Beer glasses clinked together as guests piled into Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter for dinner. Server Jean Grizwald grabbed food from the kitchen and brought it to table two with a smile on her face. She placed...

Past DaVinci Fest projects

Partnership Plan hosts 13th annual DaVinci Fest

Nissa Wilcox, Layout Editor-In-Chief January 8, 2022

The DaVinci Fest is a community event held Jan. 22, at Stillwater Area High School showcasing science, art and upcycling fairs along with a film fest for youth in the St. Croix Valley. The festival is...

Senior Sophia Heidke scans her ticket with a ticketing worker to enter the varsity football game.

HomeTown Ticketing replaces paper tickets

Katie Kangas, Layout Editor-in-Chief November 13, 2021

“Ting” chimes the iPod. “You’re good to go,” the ticket person said. This is the sound of a new process for ticketing at all school events called HomeTown Ticketing. The Minnesota State High...

Class sizes average 30 to 40 students. If the first levy question on Nov. 2 fails to pass, class sizes are expected to grow by ten to twelve kids.

School Board poses two levy questions Nov. 2

Abby Thibodeau, Layout Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2021

The current operating levy expires this fall and the School Board is asking the community to renew it. Polling stations are welcoming citizens to vote on this referendum and other local elections on Nov....

Pro-choice supporters protest the abortion ban in Texas. Although the ban did not go into effect until Sept. 1, abortion rights in Texas have been at risk for years now.

Pro-choice movement set back by Texas abortion ban

Nissa Wilcox, Layout Editor-In-Chief October 19, 2021

Texas has banned abortions past six weeks, which has caused outrage across the country as Roe v. Wade, the decision made by the Supreme Court, in 1973, ruled in the Constitution a pregnant woman's liberty...

Instructional coaches Geri Handberg and Ing Mari Ryan are new this year as coaches. Ryan and Handberg work together to help teachers.

New instructional coaches support teachers

Shannon Pothen , Layout Editor and Copy Editor October 12, 2021

It takes a village to teach a child.  The new instructional coaches Ing Mari Ryan and Geri Handberg are making connections and building community.  They are working with teachers to make sure students...

Pathway Coordinator Bob Manning in the Pathways Office planning Game Day and the upcoming Manufacturing Day.

Pathway Coordinators create future planning day for upperclassmen

Evelyn Biederman , Photographer and Online Editor October 10, 2021

On Oct. 13 career pathways coordinators have set aside a day for juniors and seniors to plan their future. On this day physical campus tours of Minnesota and Wisconsin universities along with virtual tours...

The hockey team and members of the community lie down sod for wounded veteran Mike Polehna.

Hockey team participates within community

Jeremiah Swartz, Graphics Editor and Copy Editor October 8, 2021

The hockey team steps up in its community to help out a wounded veteran. Mike Polehna requested help to lie down 800 yards of sod for a house in an assisted living neighborhood. In an immediate response,...

A district school bus picks up high school students to bring them home. The bus routes with drivers are making sure that students are transported to and from school safely.

District encounters bus transportation issues due to bus driver shortage

Sydney Rodd, Business Editor and Copy Editor October 8, 2021

As the school year begins, the district puts in hard work to cover missing bus routes after their vendor was unable to provide enough drivers for students. This year, Metropolitan Transport Network is...

Lake Elmo Elementary students gather in the media center to watch Shahd Abouhekel’s video. The students were able to learn about Muslim culture as well as interact with one another.

Senior Shahd Abouhekel shares Muslim culture, representation in schools

Mackenzie Vang, Podcast Reporter June 13, 2021

"It would have been amazing if we had different books portraying a variety of cultures and traditions. If I did have this experience like the elementary schoolers now, it would’ve opened up conversation...

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