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Isolation during COVID-19 affects mental health

Isolation during COVID-19 affects mental health

Ciara Kessel, Reporter April 16, 2020

COVID-19 has been a threat to the U.S. since January. As a precaution to keep us all safe, Governor Tim Walz placed a stay at home order from March 27 to April 10. However, since Minnesota was doing well...

Paul Elletson was drinking his daily morning coffee. He drinks it every morning to get a nice start to the day.

Sleep deprivation in students leads to health issues

Sam Elletson, Podcast Reporter April 8, 2020

Teens who don’t get enough sleep regularly have a greater risk of developing health issues. These may be obesity , diabetes, poor mental health and problems with attention. Getting enough rest at night...

Engaging in conversation during Journalism class, seniors Alayna Christian and Sophie Watkins discuss the different stereotypes associated with high school girls on Feb. 11.

Female stereotypes overlooked in high school

Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief February 27, 2020

High school is more than text books and balancing several classes at once. It is an exciting time for teenagers to expand their knowledge, grow as a person, and begin to discover who they are and their...

Students from the 2018 trip gather together in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, smiling excitingly. Notre Dame first started to be built in 1163 and finished in 1345. All this time and a fire destroyed the spirit of France.

Burning of Notre Dame affects trip to France and experience for students

Jordyn Le Vasseur, Layout Editor May 20, 2019

Notre Dame, a Cathedral church in the heart of France, recently burned down by an accidental construction fire. Next year, French teacher Jacqueline Parr will take a group of students to their annual...

Freshman Adrianna Garcia using Instagram, a popular social media app. These apps are most likely to be used by adolescents.

Social media’s varying effects on teens

Antonino Garcia, Distributive Reporter May 16, 2019

Social media is considered a controversial topic now because of the negative outcomes it can produce. These include depression, suicide and dependence on it. Adolescents continue to rely on their cell...

There are many types of e-cigarettes in the vaping industry. Each one is made to appeal to teenagers and younger generations.

Vaping epidemic takes toll on teens

Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2019

There is a lingering epidemic in town and it is not a disease. It is vaping. An addictive substance known as nicotine travels to people's lungs as they inhale the fruity flavors of vape juice. Vaping...

Freshman Chance Swenson works on his I Time project. He plans to share this with his team in the up-coming weeks.

B.A.R.R. program improves freshmen relationships

Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor May 10, 2019

Ninth grade students began filling the halls in August 2017. As the school and its student population grew larger, teachers and staff have been working to create a close-knit community amongst the students,...

AVID teacher Brandon Maxwell teaches his students valuable study skills to prepare for college. College prep is a focus of the class. A majority of AVID students end up getting accepted to their college of choice.

AVID elective prepares students for college

Jameson Stahl, Online Editor-in-Chief May 10, 2019

AVID is a program offered in the district that is meant to give middle academic students an extra boost on their path to college. Most students enrolled are the first in their family to go to college,...

Senior Olivia Walsh, along with recommenders Amy Longtin and Abby Banks, nominated Kris McCarthy for the Partnership Plan award.

McCarthy receives Partnership Teacher of the Year award

Sadie Heieren, Photographer April 16, 2019

Every year, eight teachers in the Stillwater district are honored and awarded by the Partnership Plan. This year, social studies teacher Kris McCarthy was one of few people awarded the 2018-2019 Partnership...

A band called Joint Pain, played at Tuttles on March 10 to help raise money and awareness for opioid overdose prevention.

American opioid addiction problem claims many lives

Nathaniel Willius, Distribution Reporter April 15, 2019

Every three weeks, drug overdoses claim as many American lives as the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Opioids are responsible for 64 percent of these deaths. To help prevent this, organizations such as the...

Senior John Caskey and other theatre members get ready to rehearse for their next musical Les Misérables. The musical is set to be performed during April 5-13.

Caskey breaks common stereotype, pursues theatre and sports

Toby Weiss, Camera Editor April 5, 2019

Many students spend their free time participating in after school activities such as sports. Others chose more social activities like theatre or clubs. Typically, most students who participate in one tend...

Junior Tyson Fredkove poses with a doctor in Peru. The two prep a Peruvian child with a cleft lip for their correction surgery.

Fredkove gains medical experience traveling in Peru

Taylor Lee, Distributive Reporter March 30, 2019

A New Experience  Junior Tyson Fredkove held and soothed the crying baby as both of them prepared for the upcoming surgery. This Peruvian child was born with a bilateral cleft lip and had it corrected...

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