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916 Career and Technical Center provides college experiences

Junior Ivy Lariviere studies hard to make sure they do well in their class about nursing through 916. She will get some of her college classes done while in high school.

Linda Hill, Podcast Reporter

January 18, 2019

916 Career and Technical Center, also referred to as the 916 program, offers different programs to high school students and the northeast school of Century College. They offer two different time slots: morning and afternoon sessions. This program was made to "get the hands-on learning experience th...

Digital world comes with privacy concerns

Apple's ad and privacy policy says it is designed to let users share what they want to share. Further down, the policy says Apple can use purchases, searches and demographics to fit ads to a specific user.

Mia Lucido, Distribution Editor

January 11, 2019

Today, teenagers rely on the internet and do not know what it is like to not have it. Living in a digital world has its perks, but there are also pitfalls, especially when it comes to privacy. Often, people know that privacy is a concern, but do not really know what information can be collected with their act...

Facing death twice has not stopped Nelson from living

Sophomore Sophia Nelson tests her blood sugar level, by using a blood glucose meter, testing strip and lancing device. Sophia checks her blood sugar levels multiple times a day to ensure that it is not too high or low.

Megan Baxter, Photography Editor

January 2, 2019

Three weeks before sophomore Sophia Nelson was diagnosed with diabetes, she kept getting overly thirsty, wetting the bed and losing massive amounts of weight. One afternoon in the summer adventure camp, Sophia had trouble breathing and her legs were in a lot of pain. After a phone call to mom, and a...

Bev Petrie leads Partnership Plan, supports community

Music teacher Dennis Lindsay received an award for a Partnership grant this year.

Ben Jacobs, Podcast Reporter

December 30, 2018

When the school does not have the funding to support the activities that the student body spends their time with after school throughout the year, grants from the Partnership Plan provide funds to allow students to have these opportunities. Activities and fundraisers are also hosted by the Partners...

Boyd Huppert surprises Steil, teaches journalism

Boyd Huppert surprised newspaper advisor Rachel Steil during her third hour newspaper class.

Lilly Sample, Online Editor-in-Chief

December 18, 2018

“Oh my god! You are my favorite journalist ever,” newspaper advisor Rachel Steil exclaimed upon seeing Kare 11’s Boyd Huppert enter her classroom. What started as a typical third hour newspaper class took an exciting turn when Steil was surprised with a visit from her favorite journalist, a Chri...

Taking over the world, one dance at a time

Ayuna Lamb-Hickson is pictured above with two friends from her dance school who are also her competitors in their age level, Roisin (center) and Maddy (right). Not many people know that Lamb-Hickson Irish dances but she's okay with that.

Hannah Sween, Print Editor-in-Chief

December 10, 2018

A little girl, about the age of nine, is silhouetted by the sun setting behind the mountains of Wyoming awash with the fading goldenrods and deepening shades of rose. She hops about on a large, flat, centuries old rock practicing a dance brand-new to her, the Light Jig. Ayuna Lamb-Hickson had just completed her fi...

Special education teacher Nicole Schroepfer makes an impact

Special education teacher Nicole Schroepfer works with her students to help them learn to count money and prepare them for the world outside of the classroom.

Sadie Heieren, Photographer

December 10, 2018

Special Education teacher Nicole Schroepfer has been pushing disabled students to do their best in school at Stillwater for 11 years. Her experience in teaching has allowed her to connect with students and help them to grow their understanding of life. Schroepfer earned an B.S. in Vocational Rehabil...

Leader behind ALC, Mary Ticiu, impacts students

Mary Leadem Ticiu the Assistant Principal of the ALC gets flowers congratulating her for receiving the 50 over 50 award, recognizing her hard work and dedication to the ALC and its students. Ticiu has been at the ALC for three and a half years.

Soren Danelius, Layout Editor

December 6, 2018

As most students listen to their teacher's lecture or take notes, a small hallway in the back of the school learns in a different and interesting way. The ALC or  St. Croix Valley Alternative Learning Center is a school designed for students who are at risk for graduation or need a different school setting. Th...

Volleyball player, Maddie Whittington points toward success in her career

Junior Maddie Whittington and her team, celebrates win against Shakopee on Nov. 8 at the state tournament.

Paige Sanders, Photographer

December 5, 2018

Junior Maddie Whittington, committed D1 to University of Illinois her freshman year and continues to thrive as a player. Throughout her junior year, she became determined to be the best player she can while accomplishing her goal of improving. Playing sports is something that can bring joy to...

Podolske finishes 38th season coaching cross country

Members of the Ponies girls cross country team celebrated their conference championship with Coach Podolske. The Ponies would go to capture fifth place at the State meet.

Derek Berg, Video Editor

December 4, 2018

For 38 years, the girls cross country team has been lead by coach Dawn Podolske. In this last season, the Ponies captured the conference title for the first time since 2000 along with a State tournament berth for the second consecutive year. In light of their recent successes, the Ponies look to be back on the rise. Th...

Alternative way for students to learn creates relationships

ALC students work hard on their homework while their teacher Tom Wendt talks with his students. Wendt is very close with his students.

Gavan Townsend, Camera Editor

December 4, 2018

Having a strong education is very important when it comes to the real world. When a student does not get the proper education that they need, it can harm their futures in immeasurable ways. The Alternative Learning Center offers a different way of learning for students who are struggling in a common...

Superintendent Pontrelli shares glimpse into her role

Superintendent Denise Pontrelli traveled in Italy last year with her family. She loves to travel for fun outside of work.

Claire Anderson, Field Reporter Editor

December 3, 2018

Many people wonder what the job of being a superintendent is like. "The only reason I do this is to try and make it a better experience for kids," Superintendent Denise Pontrelli said. Denise Pontrelli is the Superintendent of Stillwater Area Public Schools. Pontrelli has been the Superintendent for three years. ...

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