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Sammy Brown’s tutorial of ‘How to Go to Confession’

Sammy Brown's tutorial of 'How to Go to Confession'
Andrea Rustad November 6, 2013

“I knew as soon as I had written it that it’d be special to me forever,” said Stillwater Area High School alumni Sammy Brown of her new single, set to release Nov. 5, with proceeds benefiting the...

Must Be Nice to see G-Eazy in Minneapolis

G-Eazy’s newest album Must Be Nice features the hit single Lady Killers.
Danny Ekstrand November 5, 2013

Gerald Earl Gillum also know as G-Eazy, launched his rap career in 2009 and is on tour now with his new album Must Be Nice. Eazy has been touring for the last few months stopping in Minneapolis on Oct.12. Eazy...

Grand Theft Auto V blows gamers away

Graphic by Clara Ilkka
Alex Pierson November 4, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V will blow gamers away with its new features.The new GTA V was released Sept. 17 by Rockstar GamesThe game is expected to have the most sold copies of any other game this year, and is...

J.K Rowling agrees to direct new movies

Many beasts from the original Harry Potter movies will be in the new films.
Sydney Spreck November 3, 2013

The world of Harry Potter, which has fascinated readers and moviegoers alike for many years will soon be returning in a series of new films.  Famous authoress, J.K Rowling, will now be taking on the new...

Davis back on stage

Junior Jayna Davis perched upon  a well during rehearsals for the upcoming play.
Carson Kuball November 2, 2013

With a voice that radiates any room and a personality that brightens anyone's day, it’s no wonder she has played major roles in two school productions. Junior Jayna Davis, is a star in the making, and...

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Emily Lodahl November 1, 2013

One of the world’s most loved musical-fantasies, The Wizard of Oz, is coming to Stillwater Area High School. With influence from the books and movies, the play will differ slightly as there are new characters...

Art in the Park celebrates its 35 year

Various paintings are on display in a tent located at Art in the Park in Afton.
Natalie Gjermo October 23, 2013

Afton is usually a quiet town, with people driving in and out of it going to and from. On the weekend of Sept. 28 and 29 that all changes when Afton hosts their annual art fair. Tents and smells of the...

‘Catching Fire’ to bring another reaping this fall

A graphic depicting the pin worn by lead character, Katniss Everdeen, in the Hunger Games series.
Sydney Kuball October 21, 2013

People are beginning to count down to Nov. 22, the day another reaping will occur and hundreds will gather to hear their victors. Their excitement only increasing as the day gets closer. This is the day...

Grand Theft Auto V becomes best selling video game

Grand Theft Auto V’s title sequence before accessing the main menu.
Alex Pierson October 21, 2013

Walking down the street just knowing you can make your character do anything. Hop in someone else’s car and speed down the road, or jump someone for the $12 they have in their pocket. Obviously, this...

Knoll hits all the right notes

Playing the harp is one of the many instruments junior Brooke Knoll  has learned to play throughout her years as a musician.
Lucy Langmack October 18, 2013

When Brooke Knoll was only 5 years old, she took an interest in music. Her family, being heavily involved with music, gave her the “musical gene". Her mom plays the flute, her dad plays the guitar, and...

Urban Outfitters combine social media and rewards into “Urban On” app

Urban Outfitters owns and produces the new “Urban On” app.
Olivia Novotny October 17, 2013

In their newly revamped “Urban On” app, Urban Outfitters is combining social media with a rewards system in their attempt to appeal to teenagers. The app syncs with the user’s social network to...

Imagine Dragons perform at The Roy

Imagine Dragons on stage live at Roy Wilkins Auditorium. The Las Vergas based band played songs from their album Night Visions – including “It’s Time,” “Radioactive,” and “Demons.”
Maddy Boettner October 7, 2013

“[The concert was] Simply Amazing” junior Megan Ellison said about the Imagine Dragons concert in the Roy Wilkins Auditorium, which packed in an impressive 5,500 people. The attendance was an upgrade...

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