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Disney plus will be releasing Zach Sobiech ‘Clouds’ this October

Former student Zach Sobiech was the inspiration for the upcoming move 'Clouds', which premiered on Disney + Oct. 15.
Macy Gonnion, Online Editor October 29, 2020

“You don’t have to find out you're dying to start living,” 17 year old Zach Sobiech said. At the age of 14, this Oak-Land Junior High School student was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare type of...

Zach Sobiech movie, Clouds, to be released on Disney+ on October 16

This picture showcases (from left to right) Vic, Mary, and Amy Adamle, along with Zach, Laura, and Rob Sobiech. It is  taken right after Zach turned 18, and on the same day as prom.
Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor October 1, 2020

“It'll be heartstrings that get pulled,” counselor Dan Ralston said. Zach Sobiech’s single, “Clouds,” sprouted to number one on iTunes seven years ago, and has a new movie, Clouds, that will...

New drama ‘Breakthrough’ utilizes faith to recreate a tragic, but heartwarming story

The acting family of the Smith's partaking in daily prayer before breakfast. The first scene serves as an introduction to the main theme of faith.
Martin Kurle, Podcast Reporter May 15, 2019

Set in Missouri in 2015, a boy faces impossible odds in a coma after spending 20 minutes at the bottom of a frozen lake. The new movie "Breakthrough," now in theaters, dives into the true story of Joyce...

New Samsung phone throws consumers for a bend

The new Galaxy Fold. This phone is set to release in April 2019. The phone has a large foldable screen.
Kevin Kerber, Podcast Reporter May 3, 2019

Cell phones are always changing, and now there are phone screens that can bend and fold in half. This bendable technology has not been put to use quite yet, but Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Fold...

Sara’s Tipsy Pies opens new location by Chilkoot Cafe

Sara's Tipsy Pies are handmade from scratch and are made with liquor. The pie on the left is an Irish Whiskey Pie, on the right is the Lit Up Apple Cran.
Ashlynn O'Connor, Social Media Editor May 1, 2019

Sara Hayden, owner of Sara's Tipsy Pies opens up a storefront bakery in Stillwater near Chilkoot in May. She plans on selling her hand made pies and Willows coffee that is made by a local vendor. Before...

Ashland Productions strives for stars, empowers youth

St. Croix Prep student actors take the stage for the production
Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor April 30, 2019

With the performance of James and the Giant Peach Jr. approaching soon, students involved in Ashland Productions are hard at work perfecting the show. May 10 will consist of a stage full of nearly 100...

Billie Eilish drops new album after quick rise to fame

Billie Eilish's record of her first album she had ever released,
Hannah Genosky, Distribution Reporter April 5, 2019

Billie Eilish is 17 years old, has over 13.5 million followers and had her United States tour sell out in less than a minute. She is pop music prodigy and is one of the fastest growing singers. Eilish...

‘Captain Marvel’: a safe step forward for heroines

Hannah Sween, Print Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2019

“Captain Marvel” sets new standards for the Marvel Comics Universe. The film, featuring a fighter pilot turned alien soldier turned cosmic superhero, is the first Marvel movie to center around the...

Jonas Brothers make a comeback with new single ‘Sucker’

After a six year hiatus, the Jonas Brothers release their new single, 'Sucker'. The single debuts at number one on US Spotify and Apple Music Charts a week after being released.
Julia Bennett, Business Editor March 7, 2019

The Jonas Brothers returned to the music scene after a six year hiatus. The band broke up in October 2013 and left fans disappointed. Many questioned if the band would get back together after the Instagram...

‘Animal Farm’ cast soon will take one act competition by storm

On Dec. 27, the One Act team rehearses for their first competition next month. Junior Elsa Persson beams as she reads her script.
Taylor Lee, Distrubution Reporter February 6, 2019

Last year’s One Act team performed “Scenes from Metamorphoses” and, for the first time in history, went to the Minnesota State High School League [MSHSL] State One Act competition. However, they...

Ellen’s stand-up ‘Relatable’ premiers on Netflix

Ellen's stand-up 'Relatable' premiers on Netflix
Soren Danelius, Layout Editor January 17, 2019

Ellen Degeneres, the laugh out loud day-time show host of "The Ellen Show" recently released her first stand-up comedy show in 15 years. The show "Relatable" a Netflix exclusive, was released on Dec....

‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama, a memoir written by a woman America does not yet deserve

'Becoming' is the autobiographical memoir of former United States First Lady Michelle Obama published in Nov. Described by the author as a deeply personal experience, the book talks about her roots and how she found her voice, as well as her time in the White House, her public health campaign, and her role as a mother.
Emma Kostroski-Polucha, Print Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2018

Some people look up to the President, some people look up to a different idol, but some people look up to the First Lady, one of the most important women’s roles in the United States. When that First...

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