Girls’ track and field works on new strategies of teamwork


Creative Commons image through Flickr by Dru Bloomfield

All participation in spring activities is suspended. The Minnesota State High School League continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation.

Tyrina McCombs , Distribution Editor

With the snow gone and warmer weather arriving, the girls track and field team is optimistic about their upcoming season. The girls hope that their bond keeps growing with each other and helps newcomers feel welcomed. 

“This year we are trying to make everyone support each other more,” senior and captain Nicole Vagle said.

Track and field is a spring sport. Track is more short distance while field events meaning half of the events are running related with different spirit races: hurdles, long jump, throwing, triple jump and vaulters.

“There are one or two distance races as well. But they are not very long. I believe the farthest we run distance wise is like two mile and the rest are all events,” senior and captain Collette Agiro said.

A developing sense of teamwork and cooperation within a group of individuals will build an unbreakable support system.

The bond we have shows have an effect on our performance and bring us closer together as a family.”

— Collette Agiro

According to GOAL, a sport news source, “teams start with human connections by healthy relationships to strengthen a chain that depends on trust and reliability.” 

“This one memory that I have,” Vagle said. “We [the team] were all just sitting watching and supporting the pole vaulters at one of our meets. We kept on supporting our teammates who were pole vaulting. It was great because we were all together bonding and cheering each other on.”

Bonding involves activities designed to help a team in benefiting from strategies of each member creating a close relationship with one another. The process is intended to encourage individuals to work as a team and just drive for a common goal. 

“The bond we have shows have an effect on our performance and bring us closer together as a family,” Agiro said. 

As the winter snow is melting away and the grass and flowers are blooming. Spring sports are getting into full swing, the girls track and field team excited for another exciting year.  If the squad’s numbers are any indication to their success, it’s safe to say we can expect big things. Due to unexpected circumstances of the pandemic COVID-19 the season has been cancelled.