Lulu gives rating guys a whole new feel

Sabrina Storms

Rating the opposite gender on a scale of one to ten 1-10 has been popular for as long as most people can remember, but the staff at Luluvise have taken this “game” and brought it to a whole new level. The app Lulu is a place where girls can anonymously rate and talk about all of the guys in their life.

However Lulu is not just a free for all. Girls sign in using their Facebook account and the app confirms their sex because the app is for girls only. Then women can review the men they are Facebook friends with by first putting them in a category. An ex-boyfriend, friend, hook-up, crush or relative can be reviewed.  Women can then add several pink predetermined hash tags to men’s profiles. These reviews as well as the hashtags given to them help determine their score from one to ten.

Lulu aims to allow women to anonymously post judgement about the guys in their lives. People are also encouraged to look up the comments and ratings of their current crush.

Men can also go on and add hash tags to their own profile however these appear blue and do not go into determining their score.

According to the official Lulu website, the app, “is a private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly.”

Alexandra Chong founded the app last year. She came up with the idea during a six hour Valentine’s Day brunch. Almost as soon as the idea came about, the first edition of Lulu premiered, in February, 2013.

As stated on Lulu’s website, Chong said,  “I created Lulu because my girlfriends and I needed it.”

Lulu currently has more than one million registered users making it, and its popularity is growing faster than ever.

Cosmopolitan Magazine calls it,  “Sex and the City marries Facebook”.

Lulu also has a feature that allows searches by college campuses. This makes it easier for female college students to find different guys on their campus. Not all universities are currently on the list, but as the app grows in popularity, more will be added.

Another aspect of Lulu is the Dear Dude section of the app. This is a place where women can get honest and helpful advice from guys. But the guys don’t make it all serious; they put a funny spin on helping you out with some of your awkward dating and relationship questions.

Lulu is not just a stereotypical dating app, but a place for women to discuss their relationships and more importantly the men in their lives. The app continues to move up the ladder on the iTunes charts.