Vine gains popularity among social networkers


Graphic by Dan Strand

Katie Wilmes

Capture, shoot, boom. Users of the Vine app are able to create six second looping videos to share with their followers and friends, as well as the rest of the Internet community. Due to its ease and accessibility, many students at SAHS enjoy using the app to create funny and interesting videos to share, without taking up too much time or effort.

Because of the compatibility with smartphones, Vine is a tool that can be used anywhere, at any time. Social networking has become increasingly popular with teenagers and adults alike, and Vine is simply another medium to share activity with friends and family.

“I like vine for the most part. It’s really easy for me to be able to take videos of the things I like, and to watch what other people are posting, too. It’s also really nice that I can take vines of whatever I want to because I always have it with me,” said senior Emma Abrahamson.

Another great feature on Vine is “revining.” This allows users to pass along and share videos of what they see and think is funny or interesting.

Junior Jackson Thiets, a frequent Vine user, said, “It’s a really great app for people to see the comical antics of their friends. Mostly, I like it because it allows people to see several short movies and it’s a quick way for people to get whatever they want out into the open. Revining is nice because it adds more things to your feed; the things that frequently get reposted are really funny and most people enjoy watching them.”

Although many people are fans of the revining aspect, there are drawbacks as well.

“I liked it better without the revining just because I really would rather watch vines of people I know instead,” said Abrahamson.

Vine is also compatible with other social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to get their videos out to as many people as possible.

“Sometimes it can get annoying seeing Vine all over the place, but it only makes sense for it to be compatible. Nearly every other social networking site is, so I understand why they made it that way. I guess, though, that if people want to share their Vines I’d like it better if it stayed on Vine,” said junior Alicia O’Neill.