New school lunch app


Joe Dewale

Schools in our area are changing the ways students find out what is for lunch. Stillwater Area High School has added an application called “School Lunch” by Nutrislice for smart phones including apple products and Android phones.

Throughout the year, elementary school students to high schoolers make decisions on what they want for lunch.

“It could save you time at school so you can check right away what’s for lunch instead of looking for a lunch schedule,” said Courtney Buckland junior at Somerset High School.

The application shows the nutritional values and descriptions of each menu choice,”I think some of the girls will look at the calories and some of the nutritional information and they might decide it wouldn’t be as bad as what they thought,” said head cafeteria worker, Marie Jara.

“Some children throughout the schools have health issues and aren’t able to eat certain school lunches and the app can help them see whether they can eat something or not,” Jara said, “I think it (the app) helps the diabetic kids and the kids that need to watch what they’re eating and help them decide what they can and can’t eat,” she added.

The app does not just affect children and their decision on which lunch they want, but it helps parents, especially with younger kids.

“The app will affect the parents so they can make a lunch or buy food for the week for their kids cold lunches,” Buckland said.

Since many teens now have smart phones, tablets and laptops having a digital menu would be used more than ones on paper they have to set out to find when they can have the digital menu in the palm of their hand.

English teacher Jessica Medved said, “More people would utilize it if it is an app not on paper.” In most cases, teenagers would agree with that statement.

The School Lunch app can help students prepare for the day or week and help them plan accordingly.

“It gives you options if you want to bring in what you like,” said Medved

Buckland added, “If you don’t like what’s for lunch they can bring one and plan accordingly.”

“School Lunch” by Nutrislice even indicates nutritional values and serving sizes that can inform those who are interested.

Medved said, “I think it’s really helpful with the nutritional information. The more people that get the information about the food, the more people that would use it.”

The school lunch app is a way to get kids more involved with the lunches made by the school. It is also able to find more about the nutritional value and saves you time.