Boys basketball players anticipate strong season


Photo by Natalie Gjermo

Nicole Loe

The boys basketball team is getting ready to start the season and they are hoping to start strong. Last year’s seniors were a helpful and supportive group for all the boys on the team and the captains this year hope to be the best they can be for the team and for themselves. Practices were held on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12.

Basketball player, and senior Mitch Bruggers has seen the skills of the seniors and captains from last year. With their absence, they are sure to be missed, but with their basic basketball skills and knowledge from last year, they can be as good as the seniors were from the previous year.

“I think we will be okay without the seniors from last year, it will be some tough shoes to fill, but we can do it,” said Bruggers.

Senior Nick Ogren believes they can go far and do great this year, too. There are still many players from last year that are experienced and ready to help lead the team.

“There are a lot of young talent this year, and overall, we should be pretty good this year,” said Ogren.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for this year’s team and they hope to be as good, if not, better than last year. Every player has great respect as well as trust for basketball coach Randy Jordan. They have the belief that he can help make the team great, just like he always does.

“I’m really excited for basketball to start, not only because I like to play, but because I get to see Coach Jordan every day,” said Bruggers.

“The team this year will do good, I have high hopes, and we have many skilled players this year, too,” said Jordan.

Ogren and Bruggers have both been playing basketball since they were around 5 years old, and found the love of the game at a very early age, which is why they have continued to play basketball throughout their lives. It is a sport they can have fun with, but be competitive at the same time. They each hope to help and contribute to the team and make it a great year for the new players joining the team and for the previous players from last year.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but there are a lot of supportive people on the team,” said Bruggers.