Haley Tholen handles high school

High school is one of the most eye-opening, engaging and interesting times in a teenager’s life. It can also be one of the most stressful, emotional and challenging times in one’s life. Therefore when a student is able to handle the challenges of high school and life itself it’s quite a spectacle.

Handling the struggles of school and life are apparent topics often chatted about in between students. Walking down the halls of a high school, students often are heard complaining about how tough school, homework and trying to live the life of a teenager is. Some students are able to figure it out, such as junior Haley Tholen, who is a 4.0 student, captain of the varsity gymnastics team, a member highest band and a varsity track and field runner.

Tholen is involved in not only school sports but also activities and community services. She has a job and volunteers at her church nearly every Sunday to teach the kids and later goes to volunteer at Boutwell’s, a senior living establishment close by the high school, at night.

“The school year was worse earlier this year because I was doing French club, key club, national honors society, debate, gymnastics and track.” said Tholen.

Unfortunately, the busy schedule sacrifices some of her free time and even sleep which is almost an epidemic for high school students these days. Maintaining the 4.0 gpa also takes its toll on Tholen but when she does have free time she spends it wisely.

Tholen said, “I do not have a lot of free time but when I do I fill it with friends, yoga or going to the gym.” She continued, “People call me crazy but I have been busy like this for as long as I can remember so I do not really know any other way.”

Tholen can be seen as a role model to students and athletes alike and stays included in the gymnastics offseason activities. She puts together team building activities and as the captain, helps keep the team together. Gymnastics is also a very time consuming sport similar to any other high school sport and Tholen demonstrates her time management skills with the time she puts into gymnastics.

“Haley is organized, very responsible, and very hardworking. I always know that if there is a task that has to be done and Haley is responsible for it, it is going to get done and it is going to get done extraordinarily well,” said head coach of girls varsity gymnastics, Traci Swenson.

People call me crazy but I have been busy like this for as long as I can remember so I do not really know any other way.”

— Haley Tholen

Swenson added that, “She is really a quiet leader. She leads by example I think in probably every aspect of her life. She always works hard and she is focused. She is considerate and she treats everybody well. She is great at bringing our team together and bringing the girls together.”

Tholen is also a role model for her fellow gymnasts and is looked up to as a captain. She remains relatively soft spoken but is able to command the team by example. Many of the gymnasts look up to Tholen including friend and fellow captain, Danielle Keran.

Keran said, “She is supportive and is always doing things for the team and you individually. She is overall a nice person.” Keran added that Tholen is, “Not too overpowering or controlling but more down to Earth and you can always talk to her if you need to. She is simply just a good captain.”